PathWater Named Expo West’s Official Water Sponsor

FREMONT, Calif.— PathWater is excited to bring the first purified water in a reusable bottle to the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California March 5-9 as the official water sponsors.

PathWater will be showcasing the new hybrid which combines purified water in a reusable bottle. PathWater’s partnership leaves a legacy as the first time a reusable purified bottled water will replace single-use plastic water bottles as the primary option at an event like this. The Natural Products Expo is continually expanding their sustainability efforts and this year they have hit single-use plastic bottles as a way to decrease their carbon footprint and plastic waste.

PathWater gives Expo attendees an easy route to adopt reusability in their bottled water experience, and move on from our misguided single-use plastic bottled water past. It will be exciting to see how providing a genuinely recyclable, refillable bottle with purified water as well as sponsored water refill stations will positively improve expo waste and recycling numbers.

This partnership is significant for an expo of this size and will influence sustainability measures in other sectors to finally address single-use plastic waste in their environmental efforts. Forgetting to bring a canteen will not be a problem at this Expo, people will be able to go utterly single-use plastic bottle free for the entire five days. PathWater will be giving out over 100,000 bottles to show attendees and will help people make the switch from single-use plastic water bottles. Now, whether someone knows it or not, with a PathWater bottle, everyone will be making a better choice for their health and the planet in one easy step.

About PathWater

PathWater is the first beverage company to introduce reusability with the new hybrid, combining purified water in a reusable bottle. Beyond being the official water sponsors, the team will be sponsoring yoga on the plaza and handing out water throughout the show. PathWater is happy to enhance the expo’s sustainability program and provide a path for people to choose better and ditch their plastic past. Visit PathWater at Expo West, Booth N638.