Tempo Launches New Line of CBD Wellness Beverages

CHICAGO— Tempo, producer of vibrantly natural, functional beverages, has announced its recent launch of a line of cannabis-infused wellness shots. The new 2.5 oz wellness shots are infused with 25 milligrams of high quality hemp-derived CBD. The shots also feature natural ingredients such as teas and fruits, crafted to support and enhance the body’s natural functions.

“We’re all about the possibilities for innovation in the better-for-you beverage category,” said Ryan Crane, founder and CEO of Tempo. “While interest in cannabis-infused beverages has been surging for a while now, we saw an opportunity to take a more purposeful, clean and functional approach and create a beverage packed with superfoods that is simultaneously convenient for the active, on-the-go professional,” he added.

Crane, who recently delivered a Chicago TEDx talk on CBD and the therapeutic potential of cannabis, recognizes that the modern day consumer – especially the younger millennial – is under pressure to perform in a rapidly evolving workplace. “We all look for better solutions to improve our daily performance, manage stress, and to relax – and we should be able to use these products, conveniently, amidst the ups and downs of our busy lives,”

This new product launch builds on the company’s existing  line of unsweetened sparkling teas currently sold in all Whole Foods locations throughout Illinois. The new cannabis-infused varieties are designed  to fit the daily routines and use cases of modern-day, active consumers. “Our FOCUS shot is designed to enhance productivity and can be taken around demanding tasks such as work or travel, whereas our RECOVER shot is built for those that prefer CBD and other functional ingredients after an intense workout or at the end of a long, stressful workday,” explained Crane.

Vibrancy, credibility and authenticity are three pillars upon which Tempo has established its move into the cannabis space. The new wellness shots feature high-quality CBD, as well as a variety of other premium superfoods blended in a clean way, without junk or additives.

The company has positioned the shots for retail distribution across specialty food service locations, convenience stores, as well as online. “Lifestyle channels in particular, such as co-working spaces and boutique fitness classes, ground our brand in relevance and build awareness and trial with consumers in the right place, at the right time” added Crane. “That’s where our product is resonating most closely with consumers.”

About Tempo

Tempo is a vibrant, mindful and modern brand that elevates consumers to be at their best  during the day through their line of better-for-you functional beverages. Their signature products feature a carefully-selected blend of superfoods designed to keep you properly fueled and focused throughout the day. Current products include a line of CBD-infused wellness shots for cognitive focus and recovery, as well as a line of sparkling energy drinks in matcha, black, and hibiscus tea varieties. For more information about Tempo, visit tempobev.com, or find them on Instagram (@tempobev).