VitaminEnergy Launches New CBD Energy Shot

NEW YORK— Last December, President Donald Trump signed Congress’ Farm Bill into law, legalizing hemp at the federal level. This groundbreaking legislation has fueled widespread national interest in CBD products and its benefits. Now, VitaminEnergy, the healthy, on-the-go, energy shot with more Vitamin C than 10 oranges, is launching its brand new CBD-Energy Shot this coming March 2019.

VitaminEnergy “Energy with Benefit” embraces innovation and new opportunities, providing consumers with benefits that extend beyond energy.

“We are excited to launch this innovative combination of Energy and CBD for active consumers that are looking for CBD infused products and the benefits they provide,” said Nick Mihnovets, president and COO of VitaminEnergy.

VitaminEnergy has presented the CBD-Energy Shot to retailers across the country, receiving extremely positive feedback. The CBD-Energy Shot contains 10mg of USA-sourced CBD from Kentucky farmers that grow and produce the highest grade CBD on the market.

“Developing products with the highest quality ingredients is paramount to the VitaminEnergy® brand and something we will not compromise on,” said Mihnovets.

About VitaminEnergy

VitaminEnergy is a keto friendly energy shot that combines the benefits of energy with vitamins and minerals, creating a winning combination! With up to seven hours of energy, VitaminEnergy is a healthier alternative to traditional energy shots. Every shot of VitaminEnergy is super infused with more Vitamin C than 10 oranges. For more information about VitaminEnergy, please visit us at