Winter Fancy Food Show 2018: BOS Tea Talks U.S. Brand Building

BOS Brands may not have invented rooibos, but the South African company has been at the forefront of bringing the caffeine-free herbal tea — and the upbeat energy of the country’s local culture — to new markets across the globe.

During the Winter Fancy Food Show 2019 in San Francisco last week, BevNET caught up with James Moss, managing director for North America at BOS, to discuss the brand’s progress since launching its ready-to-drink rooibos line in five SKUs in the Southern California last March. In this clip, Moss speaks with BevNET assistant editor Martin Caballero about how BOS is positioning itself in the U.S. market, both in terms of distribution and branding, how the company is structuring its management team for success, and reflected on the evolution of the RTD premium tea market.