Avery Arden Brands Launches Herbal Wellness Shots for Hangover Recovery

LOS ANGELES— Los Angeles based company TOUTALOU launches Revive: An all-natural hangover preventative as the first product roll out from Avery Arden Brands. Formulated with DHM, Kudzu Root, Red Sage, Goji Berry, and Solomon’s Seal, the product uses traditional wellness methods combined with innovative herbal remedies to help heal the body from within. Each 2 FL oz Revive shot has some of the best ingredient’s that nature can offer to reduce headaches and inflammation, calm your upset stomach, and protect you from liver damage. Additionally each shot is Plant-Based, Non-GMO, Vegan & Gluten-Free. This hangover remedy is sold in a pack of 6 for $29.99 and be purchased via the brand’s website, Amazon, and other select e-retailers.

“We created TOUTALOU Revive as our debut wellness product for Avery Arden Brands because we saw an opportunity in the market for a hangover cure that is effective, natural and rooted in traditional Chinese tinctures” said David Wu, Founder of Avery Arden Brands. “We’re able to accomplish this through harvesting the best natural products created with the intention to further grow the mind, body, and spirit.”

“Personally, if I can’t pronounce the ingredients that are in a beverage, it’s very unlikely that I would consume it. And there are way too many products out there in our space that falls into this category.” Said Wu.

The anti-hangover recovery market is new in age, but growing in size and popularity. Nowadays there are everything from Vitamins to Gummies, Drinks to Powders, Patches to Oils. This shows that the consumer is slowly but surely incorporating our products into mainstream drinking culture. This isn’t surprising because in many countries across the world, anti-hangover supplements are the norm.

“Our brand is about being the natural, plant-based, herbal remedy that you can always turn to before a fun-night out (or in). We want to be that product that a friend brings and shares to Wednesday’s Wine Night and all of the guests remembers how beautifully it was packaged, deliciously it tasted, and most importantly how incredibly effective it was.” Said Wu.

About David J. Wu

David Wu attended the University of California, Irvine in which he graduated in 2006 with a double major studying Sociology and Political Science with a Minor Degree in Business Management. Immediately after graduating, David began working for his family’s company: Craft Outlet Incorporated. David worked his way to the top of the company and became President of Operations as well as a co-proprietor.

With natural acumen for development, he grew COI from $400,000 in revenue to $1.7MM, not just via traditional retail chains, but through a network of up and coming e-commerce giants: Amazon, Zulily, and Wayfair. In 2018, COI was acquired by another corporation and Wu continued his entrepreneurial quest. He founded the wellness company Avery Arden Brands, launching their debut product Toutalou Revive: A hangover preventative in March 2020. This will be the first product in a line of many that Wu will bring to market.

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