Daily Edge Launches Line of Enhanced Fruit Drinks

FULLERTON, Calif.– Daily Edge has launched its line of “Enhanced Fruit Drinks” that are designed and marketed with the active family in mind. “Approachability” was a top priority for both the creative and formula development teams. Daily Edge is a light and refreshing, fruit forward, non-carbonated drink that is packed with benefits to support hydration levels and gut function. Daily Edge Drinks, with hydration and gut support, provide families with the natural performance boost they need to tackle their busy days. Daily Edge is currently launching via crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The campaign can be found by visiting DailyEdgeDrinks.com.

Daily Edge is launching with four unique flavors: Berry Punch, Coconut Citrus, Tropical Ginger, Blood Orange Mango. Daily Edge was expertly crafted by the best formulator team in the world, and each SKU was specifically designed to resonate with a different age and taste preference. It’s not uncommon for a family of four to all have a different favorite flavor of Daily Edge.

Daily Edge Enhanced Fruit Drinks are 100% Natural, with no-GMO ingredients, and they do not require refrigeration. All of Daily Edge’s drinks are low sugar, less than 50 calories per bottle, caffeine free, and dairy free. Three of the launch SKU’s contain zero added sugar, with the Coconut Citrus SKU only containing 1g of added sugar per bottle. In terms of usage occasion, Daily Edge is a great option for people who are looking for a water alternative that has more flavor and functionality.

“Daily Edge was created to be ‘the’ drink for the active family. Our goal is to be a family brand, as we have approachability on multiple levels,” said Katie Aron, Founder of Daily Edge. “We truly wanted to provide great flavor and a natural performance boost for everyone in the family – from younger children to parents, alike. We believe that increasing hydration levels and gut support are the best ways to provide that boost. We feel that there is an opportunity to improve on the current drink options in the gut support and sports drink segments. Making something that appeals to the active family at all levels is priority number one.”

Some of the key functionality of Daily Edge includes:

  • Key Electrolytes: Potassium to support nervous system and muscles. Sea salt to replenish and to aid digestion.
  • Magnesium: Shown to calm gut and reduce inflammation.
  • Prebiotics: 3g per bottle. Prebiotics help to balance your digestive system by supporting the growth of the “good” bacteria that’s already in your gut.
  • Monk Fruit: High in antioxidants.

About Daily Edge

Daily Edge is based in Fullerton, CA and is dedicated to creating value for the active family. Our first venture is Enhanced Fruit Drinks, which is a line of refreshing beverages that are packed with flavor and benefits. More information can be found at www.DailyEdgeDrinks.com.

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