Farmhouse Culture Launches Single Serve Gut Shots

CHICAGO — A shot to the gut sounds painful, but the Gut Shot we’re referring to feels fantastic as it rebalances the digestive system through probiotics from real food. It knocks out the need for lab-based probiotic supplements and replaces them with a single shot of natural probiotics from organic fermented vegetables.

Farmhouse Culture (FHC) is the pioneer in cold brewing and filtering functional shots vs. the more common high-pressure pasteurization process that requires lab-based probiotics. Both cold brewing and fermentation are time-tested methods for creating foods that support the gut.

While FHC has offered a 16 oz. Multiserve Gut Shot for years, they’re launching a 2 oz. Single Serve Gut Shot™ format in April 2020. The initial varieties will be long-time favorites, Ginger Beet and Garlic Dill. The next wave of innovation with new flavors and function will hit the streets in mid-2020.

FHC also made a statement in January 2020 with their relaunch of Kraut Krisps, the only chip with fermented flavor. Previous versions of Kraut Krisps had lab-based probiotics which isn’t true to the brand or why consumers grab a bag of salty snacks. Consumers want flavor and nothing screams flavor like sauerkraut. The new Kraut Krisps boast 3oz of sauerkraut baked into every 5oz bag. In fact, sauerkraut is the number one ingredient before it gets cooked down! Grab them today at Kroger, Wegmans, or online with Thrive Market. Also, launching on Amazon after March 1st!

Farmhouse Culture has been on a mission for nearly a decade to uncover the most desirable and beneficial combinations fermentation has to offer. While working as a chef in Europe, the founder Kathryn Lukas encountered two compelling truths. One, fermentation is fascinating. And two, her friends in the US had no idea. Inspired, Kathryn returned home with a clear message: Fermentation is going to have a positive impact on lives. In short order, she started Farmhouse Culture to spread the word of lost flavor experiences and unmistakable health benefits.