Flawsome! Releases New ‘Treasure Chest’ Sampling Box

Flawsome! has released an innovative ‘Treasure Chest’ sampling box to create deeper brand experience with existing buyers and introducing new buyers to the brands sustainable and ethical values. The box is designed to take 25 products in the Flawsome! range, including the cold-pressed juices and lightly sparkling juice drinks, and will be available to online customers via Amazon and Flawsome! website.

The Flawsome! Treasure Chest illustrates, through eye-catching graphics, Flawsome’s journey from its inception in 2014.

“Our ultimate goal is to create product packaging which is completely reusable and to encourage consumers to keep and repurpose it in fun ways,” said Karina Sudenyte, co-founder of Flawsome!.

“At Flawsome!, we are always looking for creative ways to repurpose items headed for the bin. We created the Treasure Chest box to encourage consumers to get creative and share their ideas of how they could reuse our packaging for a new purpose – the same we use wonky surplus fruit and veg in our delicious craft drinks.”

“More than 15% of the money consumers spend on products pays for packaging, most of which ends up in the rubbish bin whilst online orders account for billions of square meters of cardboard every year. We know that many objects are packed very inefficiently, leading to waste.”

“As recycling and sustainability is at the heart of what we do, we want to be able to offer our consumers support in making sustainable choices.”

Consumers can share their creations by using #TreasureMeRecycleMe on social media.

*Recycling Facts (recyclingbins.co.uk)

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