Hank’s Gourmet Beverages Introduces Newest Seasonal Soda, Caramel Apple Cream

PHILADELPHIA– Hank’s Gourmet Beverages, the Philadelphia-based concern that helped pioneer of the Craft Soda boom, is adding an exciting 10th flavor to its lineup just in time for the holidays, a new seasonal offering, Hank’s Gourmet Caramel Apple Cream Soda.

This latest limited-entry for the company’s annual Hanksgiving event was developed over two years of painstaking, but very pleasurable research.  Hank’s Caramel Apple Cream marries the tart bite of a perfectly ripe Granny Smith apple with the smooth body of toffee and hints of golden butter-caramel.  The product is being released as a limited edition now through New Years, along with a new supply of Hank’s Pumpkin Spice, the hugely popular seasonal introduced during 2019’s Hanksgiving promotion, the Company’s yearly event celebrating the pairing of gourmet sodas with food.

“Our new Caramel Apple Cream is like a trip to the Farmer’s Market, where you could smell that buttery caramel aroma in the air, even before you saw the glistening caramel apples on-a-stick,” says Tony Salvatore, Partner and Chief Customer Officer, Hank’s Beverage Company. “Tart, sweet, creamy all at once, you’ll be delighted at the blend of flavors our Product Development maven Bill Dunman managed to cram into each bottle!  Together with the return of Pumpkin Spice, we are making the holiday season the most delicious time of the year for our retailers and fans alike.”

Hank’s Caramel Apple Cream comes packed in signature, award-winning amber bottles, as a 24-unit single case.  It promotes well with fall imagery at retail, and can work nicely in displays throughout the holiday season.

Based on aggressive pre-orders, Caramel Apple has shown real traction across a range of new and innovative Retail outlets, including bakeries, ice cream stands, orchards, farm stands and holiday shops.  The flavor is also expected to be a featured in several supermarkets’ seasonal aisles nationwide.

About Hank’s Gourmet Beverages

Since launching in 1995, Hank’s Gourmet Beverages have become available in upscale restaurants, bars, gourmet and specialty stores and via online sales to the booming, nationwide audience of craft soda lovers. The original variety, Hank’s Gourmet Root Beer, today anchors a 10-item craft soda product line that has grown to include Diet Root Beer, Orange Cream, Vanilla Cream, Wishniak Black Cherry, Birch Beer, Grape and Caribbean Ginger Beer, along with Pumpkin Spice and new Caramel Apple Cream.  This flavor line-up reinforces Hank’s authentic, high-quality image along with its upscale, award-winning packaging and consistent use of pure cane sugar.

Hank’s has become a favorite of hip gourmet food devotees, chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs, soda fanatics as well as critics at prestigious media outlets like Eater, Grub Street and the Los Angeles Times. The Philadelphia Inquirer recently honored the company as a leading multi-generational family business. For more details about individual Hank’s accounts and retailers in your area or more info: www.hanksbeverages.net

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