Infuse Your Life Health Products Launches Soul Cola

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif.– Stemming from a desire to push boundaries, Infuse Your Life Health Products is set to throw their hat into the Cola Wars in 2020 with the development of Soul Cola, the market’s first Cola beverage with enhanced Cardiovascular Support.

Infuse Your Life Inc simply believes that there is much room for improvement for health functionality especially in the Cola category. Company Co-Founder and President Thomas Lasic states, “the Cola-Wars have been going on for years, yet when it comes to formula innovation and health functionality, nothing is being done. These products have long term effects on our health and puts strains on health care systems around the world by contributing to diabetes and heart disease.

“The feeling is there is an opportunity to capitalize by bringing something that no one is doing to the category. The aim is to bring a Cola to market that will help fight against those two major ailments that kills millions each year, and the company knows they have the R&D team to make it happen.

The company is leveraging it’s relationship with award winning beverage experts at Power Brands USA in Sherman Oaks, Ca in hopes of having Soul Cola on retail shelves by Summer 2020.

Further, Lasic explains, “we have a few more steps to complete from an R&D stand point but extremely excited to bring something unique to retailers that are also interested in improving the heart health of their customers. Relationships are key in our industry and we believe our network will only keep expanding in the coming weeks.

Product Features:

– 0 Sugar

– 0 Aspartame

– 0 Calories

– Synthetic Preservative Free

Product Benefits

– Cardiovascular and Cell Health Support

– Promotes Healthy Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Levels

– Diabetic Friendly

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