O2 Recovery Supports Independent Gyms by Donating 50% of Profits During COVID-19

COLUMBUS, Ohio – O2 is a non-carbonated recovery and hydration drink sold in CrossFit, yoga, and group fitness studios across the country. Thousands of these independently owned and operated gyms have been forced to shut down as a result of COVID-19, and O2 is donating 50% of online profits back to gym owners to support them in a challenging time. Those businesses and their owners now face indefinite closures and uncertainties.

“This is a scary time,” said O2 founder and CEO, Dave Colina. “Like many companies, I’m concerned about the impact COVID-19 is going to have on our business. We don’t know how this will shake out, but what I do know is that in crisis, we’re stronger together.”

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, illustrating the relevance of hydration products coupled with a desire for gym members across the country to support their local gym owner. Wednesday, March 18th, was O2’s largest e-commerce sales day in company history, and the company surpassed its highest DTC month ever in just three days since announcing the initiative. Gym members from all over the United States have rallied in support of their gym owners, and the proof is in the voice of the fitness community.

“We really appreciate what you are offering us and the rest of the gym community. Before we started with O2 we just saw you all as another drink to sell in the gym. We now have come to realize you are more than that, you are an amazing business whom we are honored to be partnered with. We thank you so much for your support and look forward to business in the future!”

“I think what you’re doing to help our community says volumes about you and your company and makes me regret not reaching out sooner…Thanks for what you’re doing and keep up the great work.”

“When you do the right thing, especially when it’s hard, it will always come back to you in the end,” said Colina. “We have no plans of stopping and are currently exploring ways to expand O2’s impact and reach with other partners and brands. This is about supporting the community that got us to where we are today.

About O2

Now more than ever, people are working out like elite athletes, but not taking the time to recover like the pros. O2 is making recovery more accessible, enjoyable, and convenient to help solve that problem. Developed by a physician and a CrossFit® trainer, O2 is a non-carbonated, keto-friendly recovery drink blending oxygenated water with electrolytes to help athletes accelerate their recovery without compromising their health.

Accelerate your recovery and spend less time recuperating and more time accomplishing. Check out drinko2.com for more info and follow @drinko2recovery on Instagram.