Speed Dating: Connecting Brands with Investors on October 29

BevNET & NOSH Speed Dating, a virtual event designed to connect food and beverage brands with industry experts, returns on Thursday, October 29. For this round, brands have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with CPG investors. Food and beverage brands continue to grow, seek investment to support that growth, and deals are still being sought by both sides. Speed Dating provides a virtual platform for brands and investors to create those partnerships and do business.

On Thursday October 29th from 11:30am ET to 1:30pm ET, emerging food and beverage brands will have the opportunity to have virtual meetings with investors who hold portfolios of top food and beverage CPG brands. Confirmed investors include Siddhi Capital, Echo Capital Group, Barrel Ventures, BIN Partners and The Angel Group, with more to be announced. Additional interested investors are invited to apply for the one-day virtual event.

If you’re a food or beverage brand seeking capital or simply interested in opening a dialogue with investors, the application deadline is October 19, 2020. Brands slots are first-come, first-served and at the discretion of the investor. Brands and investors must also be subscribers to BevNET and NOSH in order to participate.

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Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Our sponsors have the opportunity to educate, network and meet potential new clients. Contact our sales team to learn more.

If you have any questions, please contact our brand team at brandsales@bevnet.com.

About Speed Dating

Networking as we enjoy it in real life is somewhat limited these days — so we’ve created a structured way for brands to meet 1:1 with industry experts. BevNET & NOSH present Speed Dating, a virtual event series designed to connect brands with potential partners in a speed dating format.