Sunwink Expands Distribution Nationally With Three New Whole Foods Regions, New Seasons and New Distributors

SAN FRANCISCO– Sunwink, the herbal wellness brand, continues its retail expansion nationwide. Rolling out throughout August, Sunwink will be available in New Seasons, Natural Grocers and three new regions of Whole Foods (Northeast, Pacific Northwest, and Southern Pacific) in addition to its current distribution in the Whole Foods regions of Northern California and Rocky Mountain. Sunwink is also launching with 4 new distributors including Rainforest, UNFI, KeHe, and LAD Distribution. With this expansion Sunwink will be available on shelves at over 1000 retail locations.

Through Sunwink, consumers can experience the benefits of herbal wellness bottled up in a delicious and clean sparkling tonic. After its initial launch in 2019, Sunwink aims to use this expansion to continue to connect with shoppers nationally, bringing the benefits of plant powered wellness to all.

“Sunwink is positioned to authenticate, uplift and build-out the wellness beverage category. We are honored and excited to be partnering with these national distributors and launching in new regions with legendary and innovative natural retailers.” – Sarena Hines, VP of Sales

Sunwink was founded by women and made to nourish and re-energize through the power of plants. Sunwink’s current product offering includes: Hibiscus Mint Unwind, to nourish and repair the body from stress and fatigue; Detox Ginger, to detoxify and support digestion; Turmeric Cleanse, to clarify and invigorate; Immunity Berry, to supercharge the immune system; and Lemon-Rose Uplift, to boost and support mood. Sunwink also donates 2% of all proceeds to philanthropic organizations including Marsha P. Johnson Institute, Amazon Frontlines, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, and Sakhi for South Asian Women.

Sunwink is reimagining and elevating beverage industry standards. To keep sugar low, maple syrup is used rather than synthetic or manufactured flavors and sweeteners, and lemon juice is used to preserve the tonic instead of citric acid. Each Sunwink contains at least 2,000mg of herbs (or 4 times the amount found in grocery herbal tea bags) and is crafted and validated with a clinical herbalist to ensure true potency.

“Sunwink is on a mission to transform the beverage industry. We believe a drink can be good for you, good for the community, and good for the earth all in one. In the past year we’ve seen exponential growth, and are thrilled to continue expanding nationally with such amazing partners who believe in our mission and the power of plants.” – Eliza Ganesh, Co-Founder and CEO

As the brand continues to accelerate its growth, they report a 300% increase in revenue over the past year. Sunwink is now available at over 1,000 doors, with plans to be in the thousands by 2021. Sunwink’s sparkling herbal tonics are now available at various retailers including Whole Foods Market, Erewhon Market, Nugget Markets, New Seasons, Natural Grocers, and directly from the brand at for $3.99 per bottle or $48 for 12 bottles.