Waiakea Water Gives Back to Local and Global Communities Affected by COVID-19

HILO, Hawaii– Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, the leading provider of Hawaiian volcanic bottled water, has always been committed to helping their community both locally and nationally. Waiakea Water has recently started a campaign encouraging its followers to share the inspiring stories of friends and family working hard on the COVID-19 frontlines. Each week Waiakea chooses the three most inspiring stories shared and sends the winner a free case of award-winning Waiakea Water.

Frontline Hero’s Stories

To enter into the giveaway, simply follow @Waiakea on Instagram, and share the story of a loved one working in the front lines! Be sure to tag your hero, so they know they have been nominated. Here are some of the moving stories that have been chosen winners for the giveaway:

“My mom is a 38-year-old veteran nurse working to keep families in our community safe despite having trigeminal neuralgia. She’s an absolute Rockstar and definitely deserves a little pick me up during these crazy times.” – Lauren D

“She’s a nurse working full time with the elderly, providing managed care and enabling them to remain safe in their homes prior to this pandemic, and even more so now. She’s going to school full time as well to further her degree. Despite all of her own struggles, tribulations, and stresses that we as humans go through, she will be the first to go out of her way to help another person no matter the cost. She perseveres, she remains positive, and she is so beyond thoughtful” – Heather C

“I want to spotlight my superhero sis and BFF. She is an ER tech by trade, but an amazing, kind, and selfless human being. These past few weeks have been tough at her community hospital, but she has rallied the ER team to do yoga stretching and breathing exercises during breaks. When she has time off, she makes time to volunteer at a local organization to donate food supplies to underserved elders in her community. She is a superhero and an inspiration of what it means to answer the call of duty and MORE” – Lo K

Waiakea Water cannot thank these frontline heroes enough and are so grateful for the work they are doing to keep our communities safe and healthy. To read other inspiring stories, please visit @Waiakea on Instagram.

Commitment to Local Communities

While the novel coronavirus pandemic has devastated entire communities and caused what may be a global economic depression, we as a community rely increasingly upon the service and the dedication of our essential workforce. These are the front-line heroes of this crisis, providing medical care, life-saving information, and protection to hundreds of communities around the nation. Unfortunately, though these workers are under constant threat of exposure to a virus we are currently unable to control or even fully understand, far too many do not have the proper protective equipment that can reduce the likelihood of exposure.

As a message of thanks to our invaluable service providers in the healthcare, information, and law enforcement sectors, Waiakea Water has donated over 3,000 masks to the Hilo Medical Center, Hawaii News Now, and the Hawaii Police Department. As we cope with this unprecedented global crisis, we will continue to give our critical workers the support and resources they need to perform these essential services as safely as possible.

Commitment to Global Communities

Over half of the current global population cannot reliably access clean water or effective sanitation. This inability to practice the rigorous handwashing and surface sterilization required to mitigate viral spread will put millions of people at high risk for COVID-19. Moreover, these regions do not have the healthcare infrastructure to effectively treat extremely high numbers of infected, which may mean thousands – if not millions – of deaths.

The worldwide proliferation of COVID-19 has made the circumstances of populations with limited or no access to clean, potable water incredibly dire. Waiakea Water has committed to working with Pump Aid, the global non-governmental organization, to facilitate sanitation and handwashing initiatives to mitigate what may be a devastating health crisis in Malawi. In honor of World Water Day, which took place on March 22, 2020, Waiakea Water announced that for every purchase of a Waiakea Water product, it would be donating five times the dollar amount to Pump Aid. Waiakea will continue to donate to this critically important organization throughout the global pandemic.

About Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water takes pride in providing delicious and naturally healthy Hawaiian volcanic water. At the same time, it is passionate about promoting and contributing to conservation. The company is also involved in increasing communities’ access to healthy, clean water around the world.

To learn more about Waiakea Water’s public service programs and outreach, please visit their ethical initiatives page online.

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