Woman-Run Energy Shot Brand GO BIG Launches

NEW YORK CITY — Imagine if 5-Hour ENERGY® and a trendy wellness elixir had a better-for-you baby: meet GO BIG, the world’s first clean label, natural energy and wellness shot, which announced today a brand new and refreshing flavor, Raspberry Pomegranate, and a reformulation of its original energy packed flavors, Blueberry Açaì and Raspberry Pomegranate. Led by the ONLY female CEO in the entire energy beverage industry, GO BIG is revolutionizing what it means to be an energy drink company in 2020 by creating an all-inclusive and healthy alternative to what has dominated the market thus far.

“The global energy drink industry is valued at more than $50 billion, 99% of which is controlled by the major players that rely on products pumped full of high-sugar and artificial junk,” said Vivi Mullen and Ben Koren, co-founders of GO BIG. “While other categories have moved towards better-for-you natural products, the energy drink industry — notably with almost no women in leadership roles — continues to thrive while alienating more than half of the world’s population. We recognize that every single person on this planet wants to go big in some shape or form. If we can help more people get there by being completely inclusive and offering a product that is actually healthy, and not just pretending to be, we are confident we will not only transform but massively grow this industry.”

Crafted with seven or fewer natural, recognizable and pronounceable ingredients, each GO BIG shot contains approximately 200mg of caffeine (equivalent to two cups of coffee), as little as 20 calories, and no artificial ingredients, preservatives or added sugars. The secret lies in guarana, a Brazilian nootropic plant native to the Amazon basin used for centuries by indigenous tribes for natural, sustained energy. With the added wellness boost from superfruits and botanicals, and endless benefits from apple cider vinegar, GO BIG is truly the first and only energy drink that relies exclusively on plants and Mother Nature to provide steadier, smoother energy no matter the goal.

Like hundreds of other small businesses, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forced GO BIG to adjust its launch plan — the brand pivoted exclusively to a direct-to-consumer format, which ultimately enabled GO BIG to tap into a direct line of conversation with its early customers to obtain crucial feedback. The learnings only further confirmed the need for a better quality product: approximately 50% of customers were traditional energy drink consumers seeking a healthier product; 50% of customers made a second purchase within a month of the initial purchase, with a trajectory of increased basket size for subsequent monthly orders; both self-identifying men and women equally sought out a truly natural energy supplement; and customers were based in every single state, not just major metropolitan cities. The valuable feedback from early adopters led to Mullen and Koren tweaking and reformulating the beverage to fill the exact void energy drink consumers needed filled. The result is a flavorful product that is easier to digest than typical energy shots, easy to safely incorporate into daily life and now available everywhere in the US.

All three flavors of GO BIG, which include Blood Orange Ginger, Blueberry Açaì and the brand-new Raspberry Pomegranate, come in a special 3-pack sampler retailing for $11.97, and 9-pack single flavor or variety packs available for $35.91. GO BIG is now available online for nationwide delivery and on Bubble Goods, with a retail expansion planned for early 2021.
Learn more at www.gobigenergy.com and on social @gobigenergy.

About GO BIG

GO BIG is founded by Brazilian native Vivi Mullen and entrepreneur Ben Koren, two best friends who met at Columbia Business School more than a decade ago. Mullen rediscovered the magic of guarana shortly after the birth of her son, when she encountered the unique type of crippling tiredness that comes with new parenthood. Together with Koren, himself an avid, albeit very tired, fan of 6:00 a.m. CrossFit classes, the duo realized they had found a healthier solution to a problem that many people faced: exhaustion that, in today’s age, can only truly be treated with clean and natural ingredients. From enhanced athletic performance to improved concentration for checking off items from your work-from-home to-do list, GO BIG is safe to consume daily without the jitters or crash, and absolutely none of the junk associated with old-fashioned energy drinks. For more information, visit gobigenergy.com.