Chobani Launches Direct-to-Consumer Platform for Chobani Oat Barista Edition

Chobani knows shopping habits have changed, so it’s meeting needs of consumers in a new and exciting way with a first-ever, direct-to-consumer platform for its oatmilk called Chobani® Oat Barista Edition.

Chobani recently began to ship Chobani® Oat Barista Edition from its Chobani Café in New York City directly to consumers’ doorsteps across the country. Crafted for at-home baristas and coffee professionals, Chobani® Oat Barista Edition is versatile, fantastic for froths and foams, and a great non-dairy swap for cappuccinos, lattes, teas, and more. Consumers can order Chobani® Oat Barista Edition for $29.50 per 32 oz./6 count.

In the past, the brand has relied on its retail and club partners’ direct-to-consumer platforms to ship Chobani products. In the food maker’s first attempt to launch this in-house capability, Chobani had to build the infrastructure, find the storage, and assemble the workforce to operate a completely new business model. Chobani found the support it needed to bring this endeavor to life through its scrappy café team.

Similar to so many restaurants across the country, the Chobani Café has had to evolve numerous times throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chobani Café has served as a food pantry for local Soho residents and a warehouse for creating and delivering holiday meals. And now, the Chobani Café runs both take-out and delivery services while functioning as a fulfillment center.

The Café team is receiving and shipping orders of Chobani® Oat Barista Edition seven days a week.  Chobani® Oat Barista Edition is a shelf-stable product and can ship without refrigeration, making it the perfect product to test a direct-to-consumer operation.

Late in 2019, Chobani launched the company’s first-ever oatmilks, including Chobani® Oat Barista Edition, and recently introduced Chobani® Oat Zero Sugar* and oat-based coffee creamers.

Visit and look for the “Buy Oat Barista” link at the bottom of the home page. This link redirects to Product can be ordered by the case and will ship to any of the contiguous United States.

*not a low calorie food

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