JoyFace Collective Launches Curious D8 Seltzer

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – JoyFace Collective is excited to announce the release of Florida’s first hemp-derived Delta 8 THC seltzer called Curious D8. Curious D8 will debut in a tropical Pineapple and Passion Fruit flavor with just two calories and zero carbs. Curious D8 is available at its retail shop located in Tallahassee, Florida, at 1320 South Monroe Street (inside Proof Brewing Company) for to-go only and on its online store shipping anywhere in Florida.

“We are so thrilled to add to our lineup of refreshing wellness beverages,” said Founder Angela Burroughs. “Curious D8 is a fantastic alternative to alcohol without the hangover that gives a blissful buzz.”

Curious D8 contains 10mg of hemp-derived Delta 8 THC that is nano-emulsified for increased bioavailability and effectiveness. JoyFace Collective is committed to transparency by providing customers with third-party, independent lab testing for purity and potency with results available on its website or the QR code printed on each can.

About JoyFace Collective

We are a collective of partners and friends with a combined 50+ years of beverage and hospitality experience. We strive to help every individual reach their full potential by promoting relaxation and relief. The collective focuses on adaptation and consistent innovation to improve quality of life. JoyFace Collective produces hemp-derived beverages with high-quality ingredients and refreshing natural flavors. For more information, visit, Facebook: joyfacecollective, and Instagram: joyfacecollective

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