OLIPOP Launches New “Classic Grape” Flavor

OLIPOP, the better-for-you soda brand best known for its delicious taste and digestive health benefits, announced the launch of its latest flavor, Classic Grape.

With the launch of Classic Grape, OLIPOP is once again challenging industry norms by producing a soda made with nutritious ingredients, low sugar, and high fiber while maintaining a delicious, full-bodied grape taste. A fresh take on an old favorite, OLIPOP’s Classic Grape, which will join six other flavors in the brand’s permanent assortment, is made with real Concord Grapes and a hint of lime for a blend of sweet and tart flavors that make it the perfect sip for summer and beyond.

“Grape is another fantastic flavor that our customers have widely requested for obvious reasons—it’s like childhood in a can,” said Ben Goodwin, Co-founder and Formulator at OLIPOP. “We knew we needed to bring that taste and feeling back in true OLIPOP fashion, and the end product is even better than we had anticipated.”

In stark contrast to traditional grape soda which tastes closer to candy than grapes and provides zero nutritional value, OLIPOP’s Classic Grape contains just four grams of natural sugar, 45 calories and nine grams of fiber derived from natural ingredients such as cassava root fiber, nopal cactus, and marshmallow root. Each of these ingredients provides plant-based fiber and prebiotics scientifically proven to support the gut’s microbiome, the ‘good bacteria’ that aids in digestion, supports immune health, and promotes overall wellness.

Like most sugar-laden sodas, traditional grape flavored sodas have infiltrated the diets of low-income neighborhoods across the country. OLIPOP is supporting healthy eating in its hometown of Oakland, CA by donating 10% of proceeds from the first week of Grape’s online sales to Mandela Grocery and The Deep, two local co-ops. Both Mandela Grocery and The Deep are worker-owned and dedicated to providing their communities with locally sourced, organic produce.

“Many Americans today live in communities where it is easier and more affordable to purchase grape soda instead of a handful of grapes,” continued co-founder Goodwin. “So we’re making grape soda the OLIPOP way and launching it with partners who are working to bring healthier food to communities that need it most.”

OLIPOP’s Classic Grape will first launch online at www.drinkolipop.com on July 15 before making its in-store debut at major retailers across the country, including Kroger (1,400 locations), Sprouts, Fred Meyer, and Harmons. Single cans will retail for $2.49 in-store, with 12-packs available online for $36.

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