Pressed Juicery Partners with Artists to Commemorate Black History Month Through the Power of Art

Los Angeles, Calif. – In celebration of Black History Month, Pressed Juicery has partnered with three Black artists who are making a meaningful impact in their communities. These artists were each invited to provide a design for a special label for one of Pressed’s juices to showcase their work and commemorate Black History Month through the power of art. Proceeds from the sale of these one-of-a-kind juices throughout the month of February will support the artist’s ongoing work to promote solidarity, strength, and diversity within their work and community.

The artists’ unique labels will be featured on three of Pressed Juicery’s top selling juices: Citrus 2, Orange Turmeric and Roots 3. Pressed will donate a portion of proceeds from every sale of these three juices to the artist to support their continued efforts in promoting diversity, solidarity and strength.

“By celebrating Black History Month, Pressed aims to honor the achievements of allBlack Americans and commemorate them through the work of these inspiring artists,” says Pressed Juicery CMO Michelle Peterson. “We invite our customers to join us in celebrating Black history and honoring the Black voices that continue to shape our future.”

Austin-based Alannah Tiller’s piece titled Melanated is featured on Citrus 2 and was “inspired by the black family,” she says. “The use of shapes and shades of brown were chosen to represent the diversity in our black community. I then layered the line work on top with their portraits and each portrait is connected to signify the family dynamic.” Her work can be described as spontaneous, moment driven line work that attempts to abstract everyday objects and people. To see more of her work or purchase a piece of art visit her page on Instagram @alilscribble.

Artist Mikenzi Jones’s piece Melanin Rainbow is proudly featured on Pressed’s Orange Turmeric bottle. A self-confessed “hippie at heart”, Mikenzi is passionate about health and wellness and credits activism, equality, women of color, and women empowerment for being the biggest inspirations for her work. “Growing up without representation of women who looked like me, it was important for me to create a piece that helped black women feel included, beautiful and confident just the way they are.” Visit her Instagram @mikenzijonesto see more of her work.

Perryn Ford, a Brooklyn-based artist who worked as a technical designer in the fashion industry for 10 years before making art her full time focus, created a unique piece titled Scorpion to be featured on the Roots 3 bottle. “My current work is inspired by my life as a self-care enthusiast, wellness advocate, and woman,” she says. The piece she created for Pressed is part of a larger series, “Life in Flow Motion”, inspired by her love and appreciation for yoga and the effect it’s had on her life. “Life is all about balances, and I think especially right now, we could all use a reminder to breathe, find our balance, and just go with the flow!” Visit her Instagram @perrynryanto see more of her work.

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