Super-Boosted Nutrition Coming in Refreshed Formulations From Plant-Based Co. So Good So You

 MINNEAPOLIS – So Good So You, the category leader in premium refrigerated shots, has reformulated two of its popular shots, Beauty and Detox, to enhance their nutritional and health-boosting power while maintaining the delicious flavor profiles favored by fans.

“We’re so proud of the skyrocketing growth we’ve experienced. Consumers in search of proactive steps to stay healthy are incorporating So Good So You health shots into their wellness strategies — Beauty sales have doubled, and Detox is up more than 30 percent,” says So Good So You co-founder and board chair Rita Katona. “As we continue to learn more about ingredients and their benefits, we’re continuing to up our game! The new formulations for our Beauty and Detox shots will include higher densities of health-supporting ingredients, while the vivid, deliciously fresh taste consumers love will stay the same.”

“For our Detox reformulation, we wanted to increase the shot’s ability to solve the problem of removing impurities and keeping your body’s natural filter operating at 100 percent,” says Katona. The pro-immune system health Detox shot, with its blend of organic pineapple and orange juices plus one billion CFUs of probiotics, will now use organic Spirulina in place of its previous blue green algae. “Spirulina is a cyanobacteria with superfood status due to its reserves of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, Copper, and Iron. This is a more consumer-friendly superfood with similar properties to blue-green algae. We also added extra detoxification with 150mg of Actazin® Kiwi Fruit Powder, which feeds and supports the probiotic bacteria, making them live longer in the gut to help resist invading toxins.”

By adding Biotin and increasing levels of Silica, the new Beauty Shot will help to keep skin, hair, and nails from becoming thin and brittle. Five mg of Biotin, a B vitamin legendary for its abilities to keep hair and nails strong and lustrous, will be added to the shot’s blend of organic grapefruit, apple, and aronia berry juices and its one billion CFUs of probiotics, which support digestive and immune health. The amount of Silica, a natural ingredient that aids the body in the production of collagen, will be increased from 10 mg to 20 mg in the new recipe. “Ample collagen is the key to radiant, supple skin,” says Katona, “and the increased amount of Silica will intensify the power of the shot to keep skin and connective tissues in elastic, youthful condition.”

The company is also a leader in sustainable packing, having newly launched a first and only of its kind biodegradable bottle for all products. Named BtrBtl™, the innovative packaging looks similar to other plastics, but features a proprietary additive which allows it to biodegrade in landfills at an accelerated rate, breaking down in years versus centuries, without leaving microplastic fragments behind. BtrBtl is the company’s answer to our broken recycling system, in which the majority of recycled items end up in landfills.

The new Beauty and Detox shots will start appearing in stores starting in February 2021. So Good So You, the market leader in the juice shot category, makes cold-pressed, all-organic plant-based functional beverages available in more than 4,500 stores in 47 states. In the past 18 months, So Good So You has grown more than 380 percent.

About So Good So You

So Good So You was founded on the core concept that the products it buys and uses are a direct connection to a larger community and purpose. Its mission and values extend far beyond delicious and functional plant-based beverages: So Good So You is a community of passionate humans driven to make a difference, and it believes collectively, we all can make a positive impact on body and planet.

So Good So You crafts its functional shots in its 100 percent renewable energy-powered manufacturing facility in its headquarters of Minneapolis. All So Good So You shots are packaged in the BtrBtl™, whose increased biodegradation allows for conversion of the package to usable energy in a landfill.  So Good So You uses only organic, non-GMO, real ingredients. Each bottle is packed with vitamins and minerals that are fully derived from their fruit and vegetable ingredients, made to support everyday needs such as Energy, Sleep and Immunity. Packed with more than one billion probiotic CFUs to support immune and digestive health, So Good So You’s juice shots are plant-based, certified organic and non-GMO verified, and utilize High Pressure Processing (HPP) to kill bacteria, lock in nutrients, and ensure premium quality and flavor.

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