Egan’s Introduces its First Single Grain Irish Whiskey

NEW YORK, NY (August 10, 2017)— Egan’s Irish whiskey announces Vintage Grain to add to its collection of premium and award-winning whiskeys. The new expression will be the second to be released to the U.S. market following the successful launch of the brand’s Single Malt in 2015. It will be available nationwide as part of the Intrepid Spirits portfolio, with concentrated distribution in select markets.

“Egan’s Vintage Grain epitomizes the burgeoning style of new Single Grain Irish Whiskey; it is exceptionally smooth, brimming with delicate sweetness and warm spices,” remarked John Ralph, CEO of Intrepid Spirits. “It is a contemporary whiskey, lighter than traditional Pot Sill or Single Malt renditions—perfect for the casual enthusiast and connoisseur alike.”

Vintage Grainis premium Irish Whiskey made from a single grain, artfully distilled, and aged for at least eight years in American bourbon barrels. Bottled at 92-proof and non-chilled filtered to retain its full character, the golden spirit exhibits notes of vanilla and fudge both on the nose and on the palate. With a hint of spice and subtle oak, it lingers long, warm and ever so smooth, perfect to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail such as the Vintage Tullamore.

“Irish whiskeys have quietly become the fastest growing barrel-aged spirit in the United States, offering accessibility, variety, and affordability,” Ralph said. “Our Vintage Grain offers the connoisseur a vibrant and charismatic handcrafted Single Grain Irish whiskey at just the right price point.”

Egan’s Vintage Grain is part of the Intrepid Spirits portfolio, and is available in a 750ml bottle for a SRP of $45.00 (46% ABV, 92 Proof).

About Egan’s

In 1852 Patrick Egan Sr. established P&H Egan, Ltd. in Tullamore, County Offaly, located in the heart of Ireland. This spirited enterprise quickly became one of Ireland’s leading merchant houses, spanning a range of commercial endeavors that included malting, brewing, and bottling. Today, Egan’s heritage is with whiskey in their blood, the fifth & sixth generation led by Jonathan & Maurice Egan, proudly carry on the family legacy. Egan’s crafts a range of premium Irish whiskeys, for more information, visit

About Intrepid Spirits

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