BOM BOM Brands Expands Distribution

GREENWICH, Conn. — BOM BOM Brands, the award-winning premium adult beverage company, continues to gain traction expanding into three new markets Q3. The product line is now available in 13 states and over 1,200 retailers, restaurants and bars. This expansion highlights the strengthening of the brand and growing consumer desire to “have your cake and drink it too!” states co-founder Eva Maria Janerus. “We do not compromise on taste and creaminess when choosing healthier alternatives”.

Due to its remarkable sell-through record, BOM BOM’s three flavors have been picked up in Tennessee through Empire Distributors, in Michigan with Benchmark Beverage and Oklahoma through Select Wine and Spirits affiliated with Jarboe.

BOM BOM’s offerings include three all-natural, gluten – free Caribbean rum based flavors:

  • Coco Mochanut — your favorite spiked candy bar – an award-winning, silky-smooth blend of chocolate, coffee and coconut at 14% ABV
  • Nilli Vanilli — a creamy vanilla wafer in every sip – a dairy-free blend of almondmilk and vanilla cookie flavors at 14% ABV
  • Fully Baked — move over Ben and Jerry, there’s a new treat in town – a dairy-free delicious blend of chocolate chip cookie and brownie flavors paired with hemp milk at 14.2% ABV

In May 2018 Coco Mochanut won its third award — a double gold medal in the Cream Liqueurs category at the WSWA Tasting Competition. Its other accolades include a 94 point rating from Beverage Tasting Institute in Chicago’s International Review of Spirits and 92 point rating from The Wine Enthusiast.

BOM BOM Brands was founded by husband and wife team Kevin Mowers, a food scientist, and Eva Maria Janerus, who worked in finance. In an attempt to woo Eva Maria during their early days of dating, Kevin crafted a cocktail that would surely sweep her off her feet. He deconstructed her favorite sweet treat. Essentially, he “melted down” a Mounds bar and incorporated the flavors into a custom cocktail. Eva Maria enjoyed it so much that she began asking Kevin to make it for her and friends on a regular basis, eventually calling it “BOM BOM.” A fitting name for this love-inspired drink as it is slang for “my sweetie” in Spain.

All three flavors are sold in 750 ml sizes with an MSRP of $19.99-$21.99. 50ml trial sizes of Nilli Vanilli and Fully Baked are currently available for .99 cents. The Coco Mochanut trial size will be available in October.

“We expect the trial sizes to be big hits as stocking stuffers,” said Mowers.

About BOM BOM Brands

BOM BOM Brands was founded in 2016 by Kevin Mowers, a food scientist with experience working with companies such as Heineken, Diageo, ConAgra and Heinz and Eva Maria Janerus, who worked in finance. What started out as a sweet treat for the love of Kevin’s life turned into a business venture for the entrepreneurial couple. Together they formed BOM BOM Brands to bottle their passion and share it with the world. Coco Mochanut launched late 2016 and Nilli Vanilli in 2017 and are currently sold in thirteen states at more than 1,000 liquor stores, restaurants, resorts and bars. Fully Baked, their newest flavor and the first liquor blend made with Hemp Milk was launched with much fanfare in June 2018. Visit: