Launch of OASIS Health Break Immuniforce

Rougemont (Quebec) – June 16, 2009 – This summer features pure innovation thanks to the Canadian-based OASIS brand, which is introducing the newest member of its line: OASIS Health Break Immuniforce. This delicious blend of blackcurrants and elderberries is the first juice in North America to contain Wellmune WGP®, an ingredient whose biological effect on the immune system has been scientifically proven.

“We at Lassonde are proud to launch our new OASIS Health Break Immuniforce juice. This product represents a very interesting option for those wishing to maintain a healthy immune system and enjoy the benefits provided by Wellmune WGP®, explains Solange Doré, Vice-President, Research and Development at A. Lassonde. A recent survey1 indicates that 87% of the respondents showed an interest toward foods and beverages that improve their immune system functions. With the launch of this innovative juice, our company once again meets the needs of today’s consumer seeking products that provide health benefits.”

According to Dr. Bill Sears, renowned pediatrician and university professor, Wellmune WGP® is a new and very promising ingredient whose benefits to the immune system have been the focus of several clinical studies2,3,4,5. “It is a natural ingredient derived from yeast which activates key immune cells that defend the human body against a multitude of health threats. Clinical studies show Wellmune WGP® has a positive effect on overall health and protects against the effects of stress on physical and psychological well-being.”

A product the whole family can share

Besides providing the equivalent of two servings of fruit, a 250 ml glass of OASIS Blackcurrant and Elderberry Health Break Immuniforce contains enough Wellmune WGP® to activate the immune system of a child or an average-sized adult. We suggest that adults enjoy up to two glasses per day for maximum immune health benefits. Furthermore, this delicious blend of blackcurrant and elderberry juices, with no added sugar and no artificial colour or flavour, provides 100% of the daily recommended vitamin C intake.

About blackcurrants and elderberries

Blackcurrant is a European berry loaded with antioxidants and often used in jams and jellies. It can also be enjoyed as a liquid (syrup, liqueur or coulis). As for the elderberry, they are small fruit, violet to black in colour and rich in anthocyanin. Eaten alone, they taste very much like blackberries and blueberries, and are an excellent ingredient for pies, muffins, sauces, jams and jellies.

OASIS Health Break Immuniforce is sold in a 1.75 liter format in the refrigerated foods section of supermarkets. For more information on OASIS Health Break Immuniforce juice, please visit

About A. Lassonde Inc.

A. Lassonde Inc. is one of Canada’s leaders in the development, manufacturing and marketing of fruit and vegetable juices and drinks, with production facilities in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia. Founded in 1918 in Rougemont, Quebec, A. Lassonde Inc. remains a competitive force through its audacity, know-how, modern plants, efficient packaging and quality products. The winner of many prestigious awards throughout the years as part of the Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards, the company also consistently maintains its HACCP accreditation, representing an international standard of quality.