Genuine Fruit Flavors with Artiste’s FTNFs

Waldwick, NJ (June 7, 2012) – Artiste is pleased to offer extracts that are FTNF (From The Named Fruit), a label designation meaning that all of the ingredients are derived directly and naturally from the specific fruit named on the label.   This process results in an authentic taste originating from its true source.

Artiste has a variety of premium FTNF extracts and essences ranging from familiar fruits such as banana, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry to the more exotic guava, mango and passion fruit.  They can be used in a wide scope of applications including beverage, ice cream and confectionery.

“Today’s food and beverage market has a major focus on healthy and natural products,” stated Joe Raimondo, Artiste President and Principal.  “FTNF flavors are a credible way of supplying manufacturers, and ultimately the consumer, with the healthful options that they seek.”

Artiste is an established global flavor and fragrance specialty ingredient company serving customers world-wide. Through its network of partnerships, Artiste offers the finest quality ingredients of flavored extracts, infusions, essential oils, natural aroma products and more.   Located in northern New Jersey, Artiste is the ingredient partner of choice for delivering unparalleled service and consistent high quality ingredients.  For more information, visit