Comax Flavors Offers Variety of ‘Sweet Memory’ Flavors

MELVILLE, N.Y. — Feelings of nostalgia are easily stirred when foods and beverages trigger a familiar taste or smell from our past. In fact, a recent study in the journal of Psychological Science reports that consuming foods associated with good thoughts and warm feelings improves a sense of well-being and evokes true feelings of happiness. Comax Flavors is kicking off the New Year with a delicious way to help innovative companies tap into consumer’s favorite taste experiences with a collection of “Sweet Memory” flavors in a fresh and exciting new way.

Comax Flavors presents a wide variety of “Sweet Memory” flavors that satisfy consumers search for interesting yet reminiscent flavors. Root Beer Float, Blueberry Pie, S’mores, Cinnamon Bun, and Cheesecake are just some of the many possibilities.  These flavors are offered in a wide variety of formulations and can be used in many applications from beverages to dairy to baked goods.

“Tastes and aromas can quickly transcend adults right back to childhood and even a specific occasion, by tapping into special feelings of cozy comfort and child-like delight,” stated Catherine Armstrong, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Comax Flavors. “Our ‘Sweet Memories’ flavors are a tremendous value for manufacturers who want to appeal to a large customer base who are captured by these classic and familiar favorites.”

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About Comax Flavors

Comax Flavors was founded in 1977 and remains today a family-run company. Comax is a major innovator in flavor and aroma chemical technologies, using vertical integration to effectively manage all the critical steps in the development process. From its considerable investment in R&D to its advanced manufacturing capabilities, Comax is ideally positioned to help its clients differentiate and distinguish themselves from their competitive environments with a wide variety of taste-appealing, cost-effective flavor solutions – solutions that specifically address the interests and desires of today’s health- and value-conscious consumers.