InterContinental Beverage Capital Agrees to Advise Hello Beverages

NEW YORK, N.Y. (October 24, 2017) – InterContinental Beverage Capital, Inc. (“IBC”) announced it has entered into an advisory and business management agreement with Hello Beverages, LLC. Under the terms of this agreement, IBC will provide Hello Beverages with strategic business, product and commercialization advisory services. Hello Beverage, a beverage company located in Chicago, Ill, manufactures and markets hellowater, a line of fiber infused water in five flavors with 0 sugar and 5g of dietary fiber.

IBC is a New York-based advisory and investment firm with representative offices in New York, Atlanta, Boca Raton, and Los Angeles.

hellowater was co-founded by Tom Bushkie and Rusty Jones in early 2017. The fiber-infused water was created to inspire health and help the 90% of Americans that are currently not meeting their daily recommended fiber intake. Hello Beverage has spent most of its efforts in 2017 building a solid footprint in the Chicago market, while simultaneously presenting the brand to key Midwest and national retailers with very favorable response. It plans to continue to build density in the upper Midwest and explore other potential markets with key distributors and retailers in 2018. Available in a standout square PET bottle along with natural ingredients, great taste, and 0g sugar, hello water, with its 5g of fiber is very effective in meeting this consumer need.

“Our partnership with IBC will allow us to tap into its wealth of industry and category experience and leverage its vast network of experts,” said Tom Bushkie.

This builds upon the already solid investor group of beverage industry experts led by Mike Mazzoni, President of Barton Beers (Importer of Corona Beer) and Tom Wyness, formerly with Constellation Beer Division.

“Hello Water is meeting a significant need in the market among consumers; that of fiber,” said John Carson, Chairman of IBC, former President of Cadbury Schweppes NA and Triarc Beverages NA Chairman. “Fiber is one of the three most important functions consumers are looking for and it is currently going largely unmet in beverages.”

Doug Christoph, IBC’s Managing Director leading the project, has over 25 years of beverage industry experience which includes senior brand and marketing positions with The Coca-Cola Company, MillerBrewing and various creative, industry agencies.

“IBC is very excited to work with Tom and Rusty to help bring the message of fiber in a great tasting beverage and accelerate its entry into the market,” said Christoph. “We expect that IBC, and eventually IBC Services, will play a key role in bringing Hello to markets beyond Chicago.”

About Hello Beverages, LLC

Hello Beverages is a lifestyle beverage company that delivers great taste and functionality with a healthy nutritional profile to meet the growing consumer demand for “better-for-you” beverages. hellowater’s inspiring brand is now available in many outlets through partnerships with distributors and premier retailers that value its brand-defining commitment to quality and healthy living. hellowater is reaching and helping more consumers every day meet their fiber needs with great taste and natural ingredients in its fiber-infused product line. With 0g sugar and 5g fiber, hellowater helps promote appetite control, healthy digestion and lower cholesterol.

For more information, please visit and follow the brand on Facebook at www.facebookcom/drinkhellowater as well as Twitter and Instagram @drinkhellowater

About InterContinental Beverage Capital, Inc.

IBC is a New York-based advisory, merchant bank with advisory and investment services focused on the beverage and consumer packaged goods industries. IBC has a worldwide network of strategic industry contacts, lending institutions, consultants, recruiters, and management teams. These sources provide expertise, industry capabilities, access to new customers and valuable investment and commercial banking capabilities to partnership companies. IBC is actively seeking partnerships in its targeted verticals in companies, which have unique products and dedicated management that exhibit the ability to develop into category leaders.

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