USHydrations Unveils New Manufacturing Line

PITTSTON, Pa. — The North American Company, USHydrations, today revealed its latest technological addition in the form of a $20 million high-speed beverage manufacturing line at a celebratory ribbon cutting ceremony.

“Our ongoing investments allow us to remain at the forefront of the highly competitive beverage industry and meet the ever-increasing global demand,” stated President and CEO Prashant Shitut.

USHydrations also took this opportunity to announce plans for an even greater expansion of their headquarters. Shitut added, “A high-speed, flexible CAN line with pasteurization capabilities will be housed in a new 250,000 square foot building adjacent to our current facility.”

The Company’s manufacturing facilities currently cover 600,000 square feet of operating space. With the latest edition, USHydrations will be producing over 2,000 bottles a minute, or 2.5 million a day. The new line, which utilizes matrix PET bottle blowers, is capable of rapidly producing and filling bottles of nearly any shape or size, encompassing everything from mineral and flavor injections to custom packaging and labeling. The latest in smart management systems offer the company’s customers significant advantages, allowing USHydrations to continue attracting the world’s most popular brands.

The premier beverage contract manufacturer also recently announced its new partnership with CORE, the nation’s fastest growing organic beverage brand. CORE’s leadership team, on hand for the event, expressed excitement at benefiting from USHydrations’ superior production capabilities and strategic location. The facility is positioned geographically within the immediate reach of over 100 million consumers.

Chairman of the Board, Sandy Insalaco, Sr. warmly welcomed guests from across the nation as well as from the greater Northeast, and pointed out, “Today we celebrate…but we do not rest on our laurels. We never have. We never will.”

This expansion of USHydration’s headquarters is an investment in the local community as well. The Company expects to continue its impressive employment growth, having quadrupled its workforce since 2013.