The Flow: Coke announces leadership; bottled water endures


  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. announced that Brian P. Kelley has been appointed to lead the integration of The Coca-Cola Company’s and Coca-Cola Enterprises’ North American operations. Kelley currently serves as president and general manager, still beverages and supply chain, Coca-Cola North America. Link
  • From Beverage Spectrum Magazine: Bottled Water Still Effervescent – Many bottled water brands have seen serious declines in the last year, but the category – especially its premium segment – won’t evaporate any time soon. Link
  • BevNET Live: Early Registration Pricing for our June 7&8 program expires TODAY! Link


  • Red Bull announced a new 19.2 oz Red Bull Racing special edition can. Link


  • Ryan-Sanders Baseball CEO Reid Ryan announced a long-term agreement that makes Pepsi Beverages Company the official beverage provider at The Dell Diamond in Round Rock, Texas. Link
  • Applied Food Sciences, Inc. announced that the GTOX has been officially picked up in all GNC corporate stores around the United States. Link
  • Inko’s LLC announced the distribution and availability of two new flavors, Inko’s Blueberry and Inko’s Strawberry White Teas, in all New York City Public High School vending machines and ancillary commissaries. Link


  • A group of retailers and bottlers is trying to prevent a possible city tax on bottled beverages in Baltimore, the Baltimore Business Journal reported. Link
  • A press release entitled “A sweet problem: Princeton researchers find that high-fructose corn syrup prompts considerably more weight gain” issued by Princeton University was based on a study that used grossly exaggerated intake levels in rats and incorrectly suggested that such results could have significant meaning for humans, according to the Corn Refiners Association. Link


  • vitaminwater launched a new ad campaign. It features a man with a pillow for a head, wearing a snuggie. Link
  • Mother, New York, has been tapped to handle global ad work for The Coca-Cola Co., Inc.‘s Powerade brand. Sapient has also been tapped to handle digital work. The appointments do not impact any of Powerade’s local agency relationships. Link
  • PepsiCo Inc. has launched a 2010 Census initiative called “Yo Sumo” (Spanish for “I count”) that encourages Hispanics to go beyond just being counted numerically and to share their experiences that have helped shape the American landscape. Link


  • ABC News aired a piece examining the overblown claims that some are making about acai. Link
  • Bottled water is not safer than tap water, according to a Fortune article debunking “green myths.” Link
  • Some analysts wonder how PepsiCo Inc. can make sweeping changes with one-fifth of its North American drinks volume still controlled by about 100 small, independent bottlers, Reuters reports. Link
  • Coconut water has broken into mainstream supermarkets, reports the Associated Press. Link
  • Nearly 100 new relaxation beverages-including different sizes and flavors-have appeared on the U.S. market in the past three years, reports the Wall Street Journal, which analyzed the effectiveness of some of the main ingredients. Link


  • PepsiCo, Inc. announced that its first-quarter 2010 earnings conference call and slide presentation for financial analysts and investors will be webcast live over the internet on Thursday, April 22 at 8 a.m. eastern standard time. The company will issue its financial results at approximately 7 a.m. that morning. The live webcast will be accessible through PepsiCo’s website at, in the “Investors” section under “Investor Presentations.”


  • Corn Products International aims to offer a wider variety of sweeteners and reduce its reliance on high-fructose corn syrup. Link
  • Lonza announced the expansion of its capacities for Carnipure and Carniking, L-Carnitine products belonging to Lonza’s Nutrition business within Life Science Ingredients. Link
  • Tenaya, LLC, has introduced MADE beverages in Ball Corporation‘s 16 oz. PET bottles with KHS Plasmax barrier coating. Link


  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. unveiled a new tea-flavored beverage under the brand of Spritea in China, the China Daily reported. The beverage is a carbonated blend of local green tea flavors. Link
  • PepsiCo Inc evaded taxation of up to $162,600 during the process of material imports, a Chinese court ruled. Link


  • A new documentary film, The Coca-Cola Case, examines activists and their claims that Coke should be held responsible for the death of local workers in Columbia. Link
  • Six advertisers, including The Coca-Cola Co. Inc., have agreed to advertise on the iPad with the Wall Street Journal. Link