The Flow: Reed’s may buy Jones; school beverage calories drop


  • Reed’s, Inc. and Jones Soda Co. announced that the two companies have entered into a Letter of Intent regarding a merger, with Reed’s as the surviving company. Link
  • The American Beverage Association released the Alliance School Beverage Guidelines Final Progress Report, confirming that the beverage industry’s major companies have transformed the beverage landscape in American schools. Link
  • SupplyExpo March 12-14 in Anaheim – SupplyExpo will take place in Anaheim from March 12-14 at the Anaheim Convention Center. SupplyExpo trade show features new ingredients, technologies, applications and services for healthy/functional food and beverage, dietary supplement/bioactive and nutricosmetic markets. The tradeshow is co-located with Expo West, one of the largest beverage tradeshows of the year. Link


  • Naked Juice launched Berry Veggie Machine and Orange Carrot smoothies. Link
  • Honest Tea launched a new Half & Half variety, blending tea and lemonade. Link


  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. and track-owner and broadcaster Speedway Motorsports Inc. are extending their partnership through 2015, giving Coke pouring and “official beverage” rights at NASCAR venues in Charlotte, Atlanta, Las Vegas and elsewhere. Link
  • Sarpes Beverages announced the availability of Dream Water at New York City GNC locations. Link
  • Revolution 3D announced that Costco Texas has agreed to carry 3D Pomegranatea. Link


  • Northampton, Mass. offered The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. nearly $35,000 in tax breaks to expand a plant, adding 40 jobs and a new product. Link
  • Connecticut’s expanded bottle bill was expected to raise about $17 million a year in unclaimed deposits, but an analysis of the first few months of the program indicates that it may generate only slightly more than $11 million annually. Link
  • New York State should tax sugared drinks to curb obesity and recoup some of the billions it spends each year to treat people with diabetes and other diseases, said Gov. David Paterson. Link Echoing their earlier statements, New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes called the proposal… unfair. Link
  • The International Bottled Water Association called Washington State’s planned cessation of a sales tax exemption for bottled water “ill-advised.” Link


  • Yakult U.S.A. Inc. launched its first Spanish-language website to reach Hispanic consumers in the U.S. Link
  • H 10 O Beverages sponsored the 10th Annual Spinathon at Infinity Health & Tennis in Norwalk, Conn. H 10 O handed out more than 500 Bottles of product to participants.
  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. is kicking off a national contest to give eight teenage soccer enthusiasts from the U.S. the opportunity to both train like a World Cup soccer star and see a World Cup match. Link
  • Red Bull will hold one of its Flugtag events in Philadelphia this year Link
  • Teka Suzuki World MX1 announced a new multi-year agreement with Rockstar Energy Drink. Link
  • Liquid Lightning wrapped the photo shoot for its new ad campaign. Singer/song-writer Jovi Rockwell headlines the campaign.


  • There is no link between 100 percent juice consumption and weight gain in teens, according to research conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture/ARS Children’s Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine. Link
  • Americans could have avoided 6,000 deaths over the last decade if they drank less soda and sugary beverages, reported the University of California, San Francisco. Link
  • A $1 increase in the cost of a two-liter bottle of soda translated to 124 fewer calories per day from all sources, 2.34 pounds lower body weight per year, and significant improvement in a measure of heart-disease risk, according to a new study published in The Archives of Internal Medicine. Link
  • Researchers from IBM Corp. and Stanford University believe they have developed a way to improve the quality of recycled plastic, the Associated Press reports. Link
  • A new study conducted by Dr. Joseph Vita of the Boston University School of Medicine shows that Concord grape juice may have a beneficial impact on nocturnal blood pressure. Link
  • Grape seed extract may help overweight Americans at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes, according to researchers at the University of California at Davis. Link


  • The Coca Cola Co., Inc. partnered with Simmons-Shelley Entertainment, MTV Networks, and Rain Forest Films to present a Sprite Step Off docu-series on MTV2. Link
  • Apple Rush Co., Inc. announced that it retained Joseph Bender to improve the formula for e-water. Link


  • Fox 29 in Philadelphia aired footage of the wife of a Coca-Cola employee confronting Mayor Michael Nutter about his proposed 2-cent per oz. tax on sugared beverages. Link
  • The emergence of relaxation drinks worries some health officials, reports the Kansas City Star. Link
  • PepsiCo sourced more than $1.2 billion in goods and services from minority and women-owned businesses in 2009, reports Link
  • Theo and Kara Goldin, co-founders of Hint, are trying a new marketing formula, Forbes reports. Link
  • President Bill Clinton said he was “stunned” by the results of his school-targeted collaboration with the American Beverage Association and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Link


  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. may pay as much as $15 million to an investment bank tied to Coke director Herbert A. Allen for financial advice in acquiring Coca-Cola Enterprises‘ North American bottling operations, Bloomberg reports. Link
  • Credit ratings agency Moody’s upgraded Dr Pepper Snapple Group‘s ratings due to positive results more than a year after the company was spun off by Cadbury. Link


  • Mineral BioSciences LLC announced the introduction of TOTALA Nutrients, an ingredient that promises to defend against a process that stiffens body tissues. Link


  • Coca-Cola Enterprises announced the Company’s board of directors has elected Phoebe A. Wood as director, effective April 22. Link
  • Kimball Distributing vice president and general manager John Cook announced the appointment of Dale Purvis as vice president business development. Purvis was previously national sales manager of VPX Sports/Redline.


  • Pops, a fuel and food store along Route 66 in Oklahoma, expects to sell its one millionth bottle of soda some time this week. The winning customer will receive 66 burgers and fries, 66 scoops of ice cream and 2,400 miles worth of gas–the length of Route 66. Link
  • A hotel’s pouring agreement with The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. or PepsiCo can sway some travelers’ decision on whether or not they reserve a room there, USA Today reports. Link
  • PepsiCo released an epic, kung-fu-magic commercial to support the overseas marketing of Pepsi Fire and Pepsi Ice. Link
  • In the continuing parade of bizarre caffeinated items, Lollyphile brings you the Caffeinated Maple-Bacon Lollipop. Link