The Flow: HiBix gets funding; Coke expands Honest coverage


  • HiBix Corporation, makers of OOBA closed on approximately $5.8M of financing from new and returning investors. Link
  • The Coca-Cola Co. Inc. intends to expand the distribution of Honest Tea, possibly increasing sales of the (partly Coke-owned) brand by 70 percent. Link
  • Senomyx, Inc. announced that it has signed a term sheet with The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. for the potential continuation and expansion of a collaborative research program. The two companies have been collaborating in the field of non-alcoholic beverages since April 2002. Link


  • AriZona Beverage Company announced the launch of RESCUE Water, a line of enhanced waters with a proprietary blend of Twinlab vitamins and antioxidants. Link


  • DNA Beverage Corporation announced that it has begun shipments to Amster Kirtz Company in Ohio. href=”/news/2010/4-27-2010-DNA_Beverage_signs_with_Amster_Kritz_in_Ohio” target=_blank>Link
  • Oogavé announced a deal with New Age Beverage for direct store distribution in Colorado. Link
  • Better Health Beverage announced that underWAY is now available at 741 Publix Super Market locations in Florida and the Atlanta region. Link
  • BeBevCo announced that Uppy’s Convenience stores in South Eastern Virginia now carries KOMA UNWIND and KOMA UNWIND shots. Link
  • HiBix Corporation, makers of OOBA, entered into an exclusive DSD distribution agreement with Manhattan Beer Distributors. Link
  • Bond Laboratories, Inc. announced that it entered into an agreement with Zink Distributing Company for Resurrection Hangover Prevention Drink. Zink is the Anheuser Busch distributor in the greater Indianapolis metro area. Link


  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s position on genetically-modified-free labeling could pose problems for some organizations. Link
  • Nestle Waters North America chief executive Kim Jeffery spoke at the Greenwich, Conn. Audubon society Friday to answer claims in the anti-bottled water documentary film, “Tapped,” which was being screened there. He also presented a short film that espoused the benefits of bottled water. Link
  • Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire approved a revenue package that includes new taxes on soda, bottled water, major-brand beer, candy and cigarettes. Link
  • Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter’s proposed tax on sweetened drinks appears dead, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Link
  • The food and beverage industry is threatening to withdraw support for a long-pending bill to improve food safety due to a proposed amendment that would ban bisphenol-A from food and beverage containers, reports the Washington Post. Link
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced plans to increase the raw sugar tariff rate quota by 200,000 tons for fiscal year 2010. Link


  • During the 1st quarter of 2010, Manhattan Beer Distributors joined with Labrada Nutrition on the “Lean Body Challenge” that included 152 Manhattan Beer employees at eight branches and divisions. After three months, the total weight lost was 1,873 pounds, or 5.7 percent the group’s starting weight.
  • Nokia announced the launch of the Ovi Store football channel featuring exclusive Pepsi content. As part of Ovi’s football offering, Pepsi’s charity football anthem ‘Oh Africa’ will be featured for sale on Ovi Music Store. Link
  • Keep America Beautiful and The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. are awarding 82 programs with grant money through the two organizations’ Recycling Bin Grant program. Link


  • Probiotics are being included in everything from chocolates to beverages like Bigelow lemon ginger herb tea and GoodBelly fruit drinks, reports the Palm Beach Post. Link
  • A proposed expansion to the Massachusetts bottle deposit law is reviving arguments from the law’s original passage in the early 1980s, reports the Worcester Business Journal. Link
  • Stacey Vanek-Smith reported for public radio’s Marketplace show that Gatorade is trying to get back in the game. Link
  • The American Beverage Association spent $5.4 million in the first quarter lobbying the federal government, well above the $140,000 the group spent in the year-ago period but half the $10.2 million it spent in the fourth quarter of 2009, reports ABC News. Link In addition, The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. spent $1.9 million in the first quarter to lobby the government, well above the $600,000 that the company spent in the year-ago period, but less than half of the $4.8 million it spent in the fourth quarter of 2009. Link


  • Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated announced that the Board of Directors has declared a dividend for the Second Quarter of 2010 of $.25 per share on shares of the Company’s Common Stock and Class B Common Stock payable on May 21, 2010 to shareholders of record as of the close of business on May 7, 2010.
  • PepsiCo Inc. says it will take a $40 milllion charge in 2010 tied to the health care overhaul, the Associated Press reported. The beverage maker did not specify the details of the charge, but more than a dozen companies have disclosed similar charges because of a provision in the law. Link
  • Sales of Fruit 66 have quadrupled over its 2009 sales, the company reported.


  • Relations between the Teamsters and Coca-Cola Enterprises loomed large at Friday’s annual shareholders meeting of the Atlanta-based bottler, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The union represents about 15,000 workers involved in the production and distribution of Coke and is trying to kill a proposal to ship beverages through Costco centers on the way to 7-Eleven stores. The union says the use of third-party logistics companies could spread and imperil union jobs. Link
  • BI Nutraceuticals announced it has added two new ingredients to its library: quinoa, a gluten-free grain rich in protein, fiber, and micronutrients; and maqui, an antioxidant-rich, dark-purple berry native to Chile. Link
  • PureCircle and Michigan State University signed an agreement for research and breeding of the stevia plant. Link


  • With the recent launch of “Sprite Tea” in China after more than a year of planning, The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. has combined two of the most popular beverages in that country, reported the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Link


  • The Jones Soda Co. announced that it will be adding new sales professionals in the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and East Coast. Link
  • DNA Beverage appointed Jeff Martin as regional vice president of Midwest division. Martin previously served with Dannon Yogurt, Clearly Canadian, Spalding Sport Refresher and Kwencher. Link


  • Dublin, Texas will rename itself as Dr Pepper, Texas on June 7 for its annual Dublin Dr Pepper week. Link
  • The soda fountain, an invention that became part of the social fabric of the nation for more than a century, was patented on April 24 in 1833. The ice cream soda came along in 1874 and was scorned by authorities as frivolous. Many communities outlawed their sale on Sunday. This, in turn, led to the development of the ice cream sundae, which did not use soda water, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Link
  • Child advocates slammed Burger King for offering a faux-mimosa that substitutes Sprite for champagne in the classic brunch mixture with orange juice. The drink “normalizes” children to the idea of drinking, said a representative of the Marin Institute. Link