Daily Greens Green ADE

by Drink Daily Greens LLC

Review: Daily Greens Adds Green ADEs For the Masses

Posted: Jan 19, 2017 at 3:07 PM (Last Updated: Jan 19, 2017 at 4:08 PM)

Covers Products: Lime Basil: Green Ade, Watermelon-Hibiscus: Green Ade, Jicama- Blue Majik: Green Ade, Orange-Turmeric: Green Ade

Announced at the Natural Products Expo East 2016 and now launching at Costco, Green ADEs are the latest line extension from Austin, Texas-based Daily Greens. Like the rest of their products, Green ADEs are USDA Organic, Non-GMO verified, and high pressure processed (HPP).

The products, which are currently being offered with an SRP of $3.99 - $4.99 or a 10-pack for $19.99, are clearly going after a more mainstream consumer than their flagship juice products. Low price isn’t the only point of differentiation. The formulations have water and lemon juice (there’s a little over 30 percent juice in each formulation) at their base and are sweetened with stevia, which helps the products have 20-40 calories (and 2-7g of sugars) per bottle.

But the core benefit that Daily Greens is promoting is the product’s green superfood content. In each of the flavors they’ve added nutrient dense chlorella or spirulina,

As far as the flavors go, we sampled four varieties:

  • Orange-Turmeric -- This variety tastes the most like a classic lemonade flavor, albeit an orange flavored lemonade. Featuring orange, lemon, and turmeric juices, the product has notes of sweet and sour citrus with a nice hit of turmeric and paprika spice at the finish. The flavor profile also does a really nice job of masking the stevia.

  • Lime-Basil -- Made with lime, cucumber, and basil juices, this product has a very light and summery flavor. The tartness of the lime definitely helps minimize the stevia finish. In addition, this is the lowest calorie formulation, at 20 calories per bottle.

  • Watermelon-Hibiscus -- Following in the footsteps of Lime-Basil, this product is also a very summery tasting product. There’s a big hit of watermelon flavor, which, at least in our opinion, makes for the best tasting flavor of the bunch.

  • Jicama-Blue Majik -- Starting with the blue hue to the liquid, this is the most aggressive flavor of the lineup. It’s made with jicama, lemon, and ginger juices and is also enhanced with Blue Majik spirulina extract. While this product is good, we feel as though it would be tough to choose this variety over one of the more traditional flavors.

Packaging is a 12 oz. round PET bottle. They’ve placed the logo front and center and this offers visual continuity with the rest of the Daily Greens family. However, the front panel is quite busy and we feel as though the treatment of the “Green ADE” portion in particular could be a bit cleaner. For those who are new to Daily Greens or this product, it will definitely take some close examination to figure out exactly what the product is.

Overall, Green ADE is a nice addition to the Daily Greens lineup. It offers a modest price point, (mostly) familiar flavors, and a value proposition that should appeal to a wide audience of consumers seeking organic beverages. This last point in particular is key and should really help Daily Greens continue to expand their footprint.

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