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Review: GIST Prebiotic Sparkling Water

Posted: Jul 23, 2021 at 10:32 AM (Last Updated: Jul 23, 2021 at 10:57 AM)
GIST Prebiotic Sparkling Water

Covers Products: Chamomile with Rosemary, Ginger with Rooibos

GIST is a line of sparkling waters that are enhanced with 4 grams of prebiotic fiber per 12 ounce can. The products do not contain any added sweeteners and come in two flavors, Chamomile with Rosemary and Ginger with Rooibos.

Both drinks feature simple recipes made with organic ingredients -- you won’t find any flavorings here. The dietary fiber comes from Jerusalem artichoke inulin, which is the only item that probably won’t be immediately recognizable by a consumer.

Fortunately, the added prebiotic fiber does not impact the flavor of these drinks at all. Their taste is very true to the flavor name on the can, which is always a good thing. Chamomile with Rosemary has a soothing herbal and floral flavor, while Ginger with Rooibos has subtle rooibos notes followed by some nice ginger spice. The flavors feel very much tea-inspired , a nice way to differentiate GOST from all the fruit flavors that are commonly used in the sparkling water set.

That being said, this product’s positioning feels like one that’s going to straddle the sparkling water and functional beverage categories. They’re certainly not the first company to try this, but we do think that GIST should be pretty marketable since its functional benefit is one that has a wide level of awareness.

The final but certainly not least important element of this product is its label and design. Both packages have a conceptual illustration of a sunrise or sunset(the former for Chamomile and the latter for Ginger) over a flat and empty landscape. The color palette for both starts with a shade of gold and incorporates some oranges and greens in the background. White is the color of choice for the front label copy, which includes a top-label callout for “prebiotic sparkling water,” the company logo (a simple sans serif font), and, at the bottom , the flavor name and a secondary callout for the prebiotics.

On the surface, the look is fine, but it lacks visual pop, especially when compared to the more brightly colored products that make up the sparkling water set. This doesn’t mean that the entire look needs to be changed, but we think that the GIST logo should be set off from the design more. 

In addition, we think there should be some more visual variation between the two flavors. The present approach feels a bit too subtle and requires you to really stop and read the text. At a minimum, creating more color contrast between the two products would be a good start.

Overall, this is a good first effort from GIST. The flavor is quite enjoyable and the function is marketable. We do think that they need to take the branding to the next level, but it’s definitely a nice start.

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