by KiiTO, Inc.

Review: KiiTO Plant Powered Superfuel

Posted: Mar 22, 2019 at 1:22 PM (Last Updated: Mar 22, 2019 at 3:44 PM)

Covers Products: Chocolate Maca, Matcha Moringa, Vanilla Ashwagandha

KiiTO is an organic plant-based beverage that delivers protein, superfoods, and MCT in a low sugar beverage that’s available in three flavors.

The three flavors --Chocolate Maca, Vanilla Ashwagandha, and Matcha Moringa -- feature 20 g of protein, 7 g of MCT (from coconut), and 1g of sugar per 12 ounce bottle. The product contains 200-220 calories, depending on the SKU.

KiiTO uses monk fruit as its sweetener of choice, which puts forth a mild sweetness with some aftertaste. There’s definitely some bite to these products, which could be from the monk fruit, pea protein, or some combination of the ingredients. It’s a weak point for the products and we’d love to see this improved.

Another note about KiiTO: it is less viscous than the average protein drink. On the plus side, the products don’t contain any gums or stabilizers and the body is similar to a plant-based milk. We really like this approach.

In addition, we like the choice of flavors and execution of the individual products. Chocolate and Vanilla are great choices for any protein-oriented beverage while Matcha is a more timely and adventurous choice. Pairing each flavor with a superfood should give it some extra marketing punch in terms of the perceived nutrition.

Originally launched as NiU Superfoods (the founders participated in the BevNET Live New Beverage Showdown 12), KiiTO is a full refresh and redesign for the brand. Packaged in a 12 oz. bottle that features a design that we’d describe as modern, minimalist, and vibrant, KiiTO certainly has a look that should stand out.

However, the name KiiTO is pronounced the same as “keto,” which we think will make many consumers perceive it as something for a specific use occasion. While there’s presently no shortage of buzz around the keto diet, this may be something that becomes baggage down the road.

Overall, this is a big step up from the NiU product that was the original incarnation of this brand. KiiTO feels like a visually polished and refined brand, while the liquid inside the bottle delivers a host of marketable benefits and ingredients. If it is able to evolve the formulations a bit and reduce the aftertaste, we think this product can definitely be a winner.

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