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Review: Kokomio Gets a Refresh

Posted: Jul 09, 2020 at 11:39 AM (Last Updated: Jul 10, 2020 at 2:04 PM)
Kokomio Gets a Refresh

Covers Products: Organic Coconut Water & Pulp - ORIGINAL, Organic Coconut Water & Pulp with Cacao, Organic Coconut Water & Pulp with Cold Brew Coffee, Organic Coconut Water & Pulp with Pineapple Juice

Kokomio, which is a line of USDA Organic high pressure processed (HPP) coconut beverages, is back with a significant update from our first review of the brand in 2019. This includes both a major refresh to its packaging and an update to its flavor lineup.

The new flavors include Original, Cacao, Cold Brew Coffee and Pineapple Juice. Gone are the probiotic and hemp SKUs, which we thought were pretty confusing and niche anyway. The new focus appears to be on delivering enjoyable flavor pairings, and we think this is the right move. The products have between 100 and 130 calories and no added sugars.

However, the approach to the formulations really hasn’t changed. The products are made with organic certified coconut water and pulp, which come from Guerrero, Mexico, and the flavoring comes from real ingredients: cold brew coffee, pineapple juice or cacao. 

This simple and clean approach to the ingredients is a key reason why these products taste great. They are very true to flavor and strike a nice balance between coconut water and pulp. The drinks have just the right amount of body; we’d describe the mouthfeel as being on par with a protein drink rather than a smoothie. 

The refreshed flavors also feel spot on. Original is the pure unadulterated coconut experience, while Cacao and Cold Brew provide bolder flavors. Last but not least is Pineapple, which is lighter and a bit more crushable than the others. 

On the outside, they’ve switched to a new package. Gone is the long and narrow bottle from the first version, now replaced by a custom bottle that’s designed to look like a coconut. It’s round at the top and bottom and straight in the middle. This makes it easy to grip and clearly highlights the hero ingredient.

The label, which is a shrink sleeve label that’s applied pretty well, feels slightly busy, but is definitely readable. We only have two points of constructive feedback. First, we wish that the Kokomio logo was on a single line rather than stacked as “Ko-Ko-Mio.” This would make it a bit easier on the eyes. Second, we think that the accent colors should go with the flavors a bit more. Blue for cold brew and magenta for cacao isn’t quite what you’d associate with these flavors and we think it undermines them as visual cues. 

Overall, minor suggestions aside, this is a really nice update and upgrade for the Kokomio brand. It’s definitely one of the better coconut beverages on the market right now.

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