Review: Kokomio Whole Coconut Drinks

Posted: Apr 08, 2019 at 1:39 PM (Last Updated: Apr 08, 2019 at 5:24 PM)

Covers Products: Whole Coconut + Cold Brew Coffee, Whole Coconut + Probiotics, Whole Coconut + Hemp

Kokomio is a new line of high pressure processed (HPP) whole coconut beverages that are produced in Mexico. The brand’s initial lineup features three flavors, including Whole Coconut + Cold Brew Coffee, Whole Coconut + Hemp, and Whole Coconut + Probiotics.

All three flavors are packaged in tall and narrow 11.8 oz bottles and use a clean and simple ingredients, starting with the base of organic coconut water and pulp. From there, these products use ingredients that are true to their flavor name: organic cold brew coffee, organic hemp, and probiotics (1 billion CFUs).

Sampling each of the three varieties, we were generally pleased. Despite being “whole coconut,” the products aren’t overly thick and drink more closely to a juice than a smoothie. This seems like a good thing in terms of broadening the appeal of the products.

Beyond that, we feel as though the Cold Brew Coffee and Probiotic SKUs are right where they need to be in terms of flavor. The Hemp flavor feels like it needs a bit of work -- it has a rather grassy taste and, despite it being a good technical representation of coconut paired with hemp, we have a hard time seeing mass appeal for it.

Nutritionally, these products vary a fair amount. Calories range from 120-199, depending on the SKU,and there’s a pretty big swing between fat, protein, and potassium content as well. The Cold Brew Coffee SKU has 102 mg of caffeine and MCT, the Hemp variety touts 14 g of plant protein, and the Probiotics SKU promotes its 1 billion active cultures.

This is a good segway to the product’s positioning, branding, and packaging, which are the areas that we feel need improvement.

First and foremost, the tall and narrow package feels easy to knock over and, thanks to the HPP, it has large sections that appear sucked in. Next, there’s the label, which has a white backdrop and a cluttered set of illustrations.  Lastly, it’s not clear what this drink is trying to be. Is it a juice? A smoothie? A meal replacement? Better and more direct copy would help this.

Unfortunately, all of these things combine to create something that feels sloppy, is somewhat hard on the eyes, and we think will be easy to miss on shelf (perhaps aside from the consumer that is specifically seeking coconut). We’d strongly suggest the brand to revisit both the bottle format and the label design as what we see now definitely undermines the quality and credibility of the liquid inside the bottle.

Overall, Kokomio has created two formulations that feel ready to go in terms of flavor, but the third SKU and the product’s appearance are definitely in need of improvement.

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