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Review: Montane Sparkling Spring Water

Posted: Apr 09, 2018 at 7:57 PM (Last Updated: Apr 10, 2018 at 10:20 AM)

Covers Products: Cucumber Lime, Meyer Lemon Honeysuckle, Original

Montane Spring Water is a line of sparkling waters that are produced in Georgia using a quartzite spring. The product is launching with Original (unflavored) as well as two flavored offerings: Cucumber Lime and Meyer Lemon Honeysuckle.

Right off the bat, one of the more interesting advantages this product holds over its competition is that it highlights the source of the water. Specifically, the water is sourced from Pine Mountain Ridge in Georgia, which comes from a quartzite bedrock spring.

As far as the flavor goes, the Original, which is the only unflavored offering and presumably the best test of the taste of the water, is certainly crisp and clean. But it’s hard to really say that it tastes materially better than competing products. To that end, it’s a good product but we’d question its ability to be positioned as a premium offering.

When it comes to the flavors, the water is less of the star of the show. Fortunately, they’ve created a winner with their Cucumber Lime variety. It’s crisp, clean, and very refreshing, with accurate cucumber and lime flavorings. The Meyer Lemon Honeysuckle, which has a citrus meets floral flavor profile, is good, but it’s not as good as its counterpart. Furthermore, this seems like an overly complex flavor (even in how it sounds) that is too stark of a contrast from its rather simple counterpart.

On the packaging side of things, Montane is packaged in a 12 oz. can. They’ve painted the can with what we’d describe as a slightly vintage look. Right off the bat, it’s not immediately obvious which side is the front panel. In addition, the side that is actually the front doesn’t contain the words “sparkling water” (you’ll have to turn to the side for that). We’d strongly suggest that they change this.

Beyond that, we’re not sure that this product looks the part of the premium category that it wants to play in. The design does look simple, but it doesn’t necessarily feel inviting nor does it have immediate visual appeal.

That being said, the brand might have some potential as a regional player. The story of water sourced from Georgia along with honeysuckle (also a regional flavor) might resonate in the Southeast. Still we’re not sure that this product will be able to command their desired price point of over $5+ for an 8 pack.

In the end, we feel as though Montane shows some potential (especially with the Cucumber Lime). We’d like to see the company do a better job of integrating their story into the brand and offer a bit more SKU variety (or perhaps replace Original with another flavor). Otherwise, we have a hard time seeing this product as a real player in the category.

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