Review: Moti Lemonade

Posted: Jul 18, 2019 at 10:20 AM (Last Updated: Jul 23, 2019 at 12:41 PM)

Covers Products: Original Rosewater, Saffron Rosewater

Moti is a new line of ready-to-drink lemonade beverages that use rosewater as the base for its two SKUs, Original Rosewater and Saffron Rosewater. Both are packaged in 10 oz. glass bottles.

The products contain 27 grams of added sugar, 17% juice and effectively offer a slight twist on the summertime classic. Both varieties are quite sweet and full of lemon flavor, with the rosewater prominent in each.

As the name suggests, Saffron Rosewater includes saffron as well as added natural colors and flavors. This product lacks the simplicity and purity of its counterpart and we didn’t really get much in the way of saffron flavor (although we’re not really sure we’d want a ton of it, either).

Still, the notion of mixing rosewater with lemonade is an interesting one and gives the product another layer of flavor. However, rosewater has proven to be a pretty polarizing flavor and we suspect that Moti will face this challenge as well. 

Beyond that, the obvious knock on this product is going to be its size and its sugar content. Moti has 27 grams of sugar and 110 calories per bottle, certainly something that goes against current beverage trends, particularly for a product that’s trying to position itself as a premium beverage and, we suspect, one for adults. 

Cutting the sugar and increasing the size is the logical step for this product to take. This would make it more competitive on the shelf and align it with consumer demand for lower calorie and lower sugar beverages.

As for the branding, we’d describe the bottle design as modern and vibrant. The Moti name comes from the name of the founder, Moti Bakhtiari, a Boston restaurateur who created these formulations in the late 1990’s. We like both the story and the short and simple name that comes from it. However, the visual treatment of the Moti logo, which has gold and red segments that make up the letters, would be easier to read if it were simply one color.  Otherwise, the label does a nice job of communicating what the product is and giving it an air of credibility thanks to the polished looking design.

Overall, we like the concept and the execution of Moti Lemonades. But we can’t help but think that there’s a somewhat limited opportunity for a product with this package size and sugar content. Addressing both of these issues would certainly improve the brand’s odds.

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