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Review: Refix

Posted: May 01, 2019 at 1:04 PM (Last Updated: May 01, 2019 at 2:38 PM)

Covers Products: Refix - Atlantic Rough Water

Refix is a recovery beverage featuring a unique core ingredient: sea water sourced from the Atlantic Ocean on the Costa de Morte in Galicia, Spain. This is combined with lemon juice (2%) and stevia glycosides to create a product that is being marketed as a recovery beverage.

Packaged in an 8 oz. glass bottled and available in a single SKU, the product doesn’t market itself as having a specific flavor or function. Instead, the front of the bottle has the word “REFIX” repeated over and over (some are simply black while others are knocked out). There’s no marketing or explanatory copy on the bottle and the text on the back ingredient panel is simply too small to read.

From a taste perspective, this product tastes true to the ingredients that were used to make it. You’ll taste a hefty note of salt water followed by lemon. There’s some sweetness to the drink, but the balance is definitely weighted towards the lemon and salt and this makes the product something that’s less gulpable than a traditional sports drink or recovery beverage. Finally, there’s a note of stevia aftertaste to it, but it’s not overly strong.

While the flavor is certainly palatable, this is not a beverage that we’d consumer for flavor alone. That being said, we think that Refix needs to do a much better job of communicating what it is. A consumer will have to pick this up and examine it closely -- and even then they won’t have the full picture of what this product is and what it tastes like.

Beyond that, we definitely question the size and package format for this product as well as the single SKU approach. All of these things will present some real challenges when it comes to getting shelf space, getting good pull through, and stacking up against the competition.

While there’s potentially an interesting story to tell about its core ingredient and benefits, Refix likely needs to go back to the drawing board and figure out an approach that’s going to help better execute it in order to achieve commercial success.

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