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by Revive Drinks

Review: Revive Shelf-Stable Sparkling Kombucha

Posted: Oct 21, 2019 at 9:27 AM (Last Updated: Oct 22, 2019 at 11:13 AM)

Covers Products: Cherry Hibiscus (can), Citrus Ginger (can), Mango Orange (can), Strawberry Lemon (can)

Announced earlier this year, Revive’s Sparkling Kombucha is both the brand’s first canned, shelf-stable offering. The products are USDA Organic certified and contain only 20 calories and 5 grams of sugar per 12 oz. can.

There are four initial flavors: Mango Orange, Strawberry Lemon, Cherry Hibiscus and Citrus Ginger, with the latter two being caffeine free. 

As for the taste, all four varieties are light, crisp and refreshing. Compared to Revive’s flagship raw kombucha, they are significantly lighter, to the point where they are probably better compared with flavored sparkling water than full strength kombucha.

That being said, this isn’t a direct replacement for Revive’s flagship line. Instead, this seems like the type of product that a consumer could drink in place of sparkling water for a bit more flavor and for the probiotic benefits.

Speaking of probiotics, this is another difference from the raw line. Given that it’s shelf stable and pasteurized, Revive had to take a different approach here through the use of DE111, a probiotic strain that the company claims becomes active after digestion with the goal of delivering a level of functionality that’s similar to the brand’s raw kombucha.

This new process, which is a departure from the way that raw kombucha is traditionally made, might ruffle some feathers within the category (since the category has hung its hat on being raw and perishable), but the taste and quality of the liquid seem like something that overall pushes the category forward without compromise.

On the outside, the product uses a white sleeve label that has a stripe of color across the middle (each flavor has a different two-tone stripe) that serves as the backdrop for a white Revive logo and the words “sparkling kombucha.” They’ve done a great job of keeping the front panel clean with callouts for the flavor name, probiotic content, caloric content and the USDA Organic seal. The design makes for a nice counterpart to their raw product and it does a great job of maintaining the clean retro vibe that Revive stands for.

Overall, Revive’s Sparkling Kombucha is a well-executed and enjoyable kombucha product that feels like one of the most mainstream kombucha products that we’ve tried to date -- and, thanks to its light profile, it’s one of the few that we could see ourselves drinking several of every day.

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