Review: Revive Kombucha Gets a New Bottle and a Label Update for 2017

Posted: Mar 07, 2017 at 6:22 PM (Last Updated: Mar 08, 2017 at 4:16 PM)

Covers Products: Campfire - Genmaicha Brew, Solar - Yerba Mate Brew, Up Beat - Coffee Brew, Wild Ginger, Ascend - White Tea Brew, Boogie Down, Free Ride - Hibiscus Brew, Spring Fling, Tropic Wonder

Last year, Revive Kombucha undertook their first major packaging change as they added an 11 oz. stubby bottle as their default packaging (the original swing-top bottle is still available, but only in their home market). This year, they’re back at it with another bottle and label update.

This time around, the product is getting slightly bigger, going from an 11 oz. to a 12 oz. size. The bottle shape is taller and feels like something out of the craft beer space (Green Flash Brewing, Co., in particular, comes to mind). Despite being only one ounce larger, the product feels much more substantial than the prior bottle.

While the size update is definitely a step forward for the brand, it’s the label update that we’re most excited about. One of our big criticisms of Revive’s label design has always been the visual treatment of their logo. With this update, we’re pleased to say that those criticisms are gone. “Revive Kombucha” is now front and center in a consistent place on all of the labels. It not only makes it easier to quickly catch the eye, but we feel as though it enhances the funky 1970’s style artwork.

As for the actual flavors, not a whole lot has changed. In fact, the only thing that has changed is the flavor lineup, with certain flavors, specifically those that were part of their “Open ‘Mic” series, going away. What they’ve kept are nine flavors, including Boogie Down (formerly “The O.G.”, their original offering), Wild Ginger, Free Ride Hibiscus Brew, Up Beat Coffee Brew, Solar Yerba Mate Brew, Campfire Genmaicha Brew, Ascend White Tea Brew, Tropic Wonder, and Spring Fling.

Their approach to the flavors, which blends their kombucha culture with a different base ingredient for each variety, such as a certain type of tea or coffee, is one of their key points of differentiation. And we’re big fans of it. While the fermented flavor that’s at the core of each flavor is the same, their ability to create products that are totally unique and memorable is quite impressive.

We’re especially fond of Boogie Down, their original brew, Up Beat, which is coffee based, and Wild Ginger, which is fermented with ginger only. But you really can’t go wrong with any flavors in their line as Revive has done a great job of creating products that are top notch and consistent.

Being completely honest, the only thing that we’re not sold on is the switch from “The O.G.” to “Boogie Down,” which they’ve given a tagline of “Craft Cola Redux.” Maybe it’s just us, but what’s inside this bottle is pretty much the anti-cola, so we question how this, or, for that matter, “Boogie Down,” is better than “The O.G.” For us, Revive’s original kombucha is one of the best out there, so we’d love to see it embraced a bit more directly.

Overall, Revive continues to impress us with their ability to evolve and mature. The product finally feels primed to be a national player, if that’s what they’re after. It’s definitely one of the top kombucha offerings out there.

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