Review: Rivvibe Moringa Sports Tea

Posted: Jan 03, 2018 at 2:36 PM (Last Updated: Jan 03, 2018 at 8:27 PM)

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Rivvibe is a beverage that is billed as “a drink that includes all the electrolytes and antioxidants of a sports drink and is brewed like a tea.” It’s currently available in a single flavor,packaged in a 16 oz.clear plastic bottle that’s most commonly used for juice.

The product is formulated with a blend of water, lemon juice, honey, moringa, ginger root, turmeric, stevia and black pepper, which is, according the the company’s website, an adaptation of a family recipe. The end result is something that’s low in sugar (4g) and calories (25) and has a very mild flavor profile. While the company makes comparisons to a sports drink, the product definitely tastes like a bottle of tea (it doesn’t have the salty finish of a sports drink and electrolyte levels appear to be low).

However, as a tea, they’ve done a really nice job with it, especially in comparison to other moringa products that we’ve tried. The use of honey and stevia works quite well and the stevia flavor is really kept at bay. It’s definitely a product that we’d consume based on flavor alone.

Packaging and positioning are the areas that Rivvibe currently needs the most help. The concept and execution of the brand feel really weak and, as a result, it requires a lot of effort to figure out what this product is all about. Furthermore, we really question the product’s positioning as a “sports tea,” since that isn’t an actual category and trying to put the product on the same playing field as a sports drink is going to be super challenging.

Right now, we’d try and focus on the product’s strengths: low calories, flavor, and their use of a trendy functional ingredient. As for the branding, the product unfortunately feels like it needs a fresh approach.

In the end, we feel as though Rivvibe, which is a product that’s fresh out of the gate, has some assets in flavor and formulation, but the packaging and positioning aren’t quite where they need to be.

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