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Review: Sol-ti CBD+ Tea

Posted: Jan 28, 2019 at 1:11 PM (Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 at 9:14 AM)

Covers Products: Ginger Lemon CBD+Tea, Hibiscus Lime CBD+Tea, Peach Lemon CDB+Tea

San Diego-based organic beverage maker Sol-ti is one of the latest companies to expand into the CBD beverage category. Following in the footsteps of Sol-ti’s other products, the line is packaged in glass bottles, and processed with light filtration. And of course, the star ingredient here is 18 mg of organic hemp CBD isolate.

There are three flavors that are available at the launch of CBD+ Tea: Ginger Lemon (green tea), Peach Lemon (rooibos tea), and Hibiscus Lime (hibiscus tea). Each is packaged in an 12.5 oz. bottle and has only 10 calories and 2 grams of sugar per bottle.

From a taste perspective, all three are very light and enjoyable to the point of being chuggable. There’s a good amount of pressed citrus juice (lemon for both Peach Lemon and Ginger Lemon and lime for Hibiscus Lime) in each bottle and, as we’ve come to expect from Sol-ti products, the juice tastes super fresh thanks to the use of light filtration rather than heat pasteurization.

However, the tea is very much a secondary flavor in each. As Sol-ti has chosen three teas that are on the milder side, we can’t say that this is really a surprise.

Finally, there’s a final note of sweetness from the addition of  maple syrup and stevia. This approach works really well with the flavors and the result is that the stevia doesn’t impact the flavor. This is something that every beverage using stevia should strive for.

On the packaging front, there’s a label on all four sides of the square shaped glass bottle. The front panel is clean and simple, which is great. However, the three other label panels on the drink contain a lot of information and require a lot of reading to really understand what this drink is all about. There are some important elements, such as the drink not being pasteurized, the caloric content, and the type of tea, that should arguably sit on the front panel.

And as with every CBD beverage, we have to ask ourselves: is this product worthy on its own merits or simply because it has CBD? And how will this product fare as the category continues to see more and more entries? We’d certainly answer yes to both of those, especially if the label is fine tuned a bit.

Sol-ti has an opportunity to position itself as a super premium player delivering fresh tasting CBD enhanced beverages. This seems like a great first step and, with some slight adjustments to the label, Sol-ti CBD+ Tea definitely feels like a brand that can be a player in the category.

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