Sparkling CBD

by Colorado's Best Drinks, LLC

Review: Sparkling CBD Beverages

Posted: Feb 11, 2019 at 12:51 PM (Last Updated: Feb 11, 2019 at 1:49 PM)

Covers Products: Black Cherry, Cola, Ginger Ale, Lemonade, Root Beer

Sparkling CBD Beverages, which are produced by Colorado’s Best Drinks, LLC, is a line of agave sweetened carbonated soft drinks infused with 20 mg of CBD from organically grown hemp.

Available in Cola, Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Black Cherry, and Root Beer, these five varieties are all pretty solid tasting CSDs. The use of natural flavors and agave nectar gives it clean flavor and a crisp finish that’s beyond what you’ll find in a mainstream CSD, which is certainly nice.

However, at 100 calories and 26 g of sugar per can, these products are definitely on the “full calorie” end of the spectrum. It’s hard to say if the CBD content will make consumers look past this -- although we suspect that even if they do at first, this approach might not be something that works in the long run.

Still, all five flavors are well-executed interpretations of the classic soda flavors they’re trying to recreate. For our palates, we are more enthusiastic about some of the slightly more obscure flavors such as Black Cherry and Lemonade than we are about Cola and Root Beer. These are a bit more memorable and offer something that you won’t find in every soda brand.

Beyond that, we have a concern for this product’s literal and in-your-face use of CBD as a key component of its brand. “Sparkling CBD” feels like something that will be hard to own as a brand and we fear that over time this might be lost in the noise of the CBD space.

Unfortunately, this likely requires a full rebrand and redesign to remedy. As part of this, we’d also love to see the company develop and add some copy to the package,at least to explain where the CBD is sourced. This may require a significant overhaul, but we feel strongly that it would help the brand over the long term.

Overall, Sparkling CBD is an enjoyable full calorie CSD line that can definitely deliver on its  great potential if it can further develop its brand.

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