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Review: Vive Organic Adds Two New Flavors

Posted: Apr 03, 2020 at 9:29 AM (Last Updated: Apr 03, 2020 at 1:09 PM)
Vive Organic Adds Two New Flavors

Covers Products: Electro Restore, Energy + Focus

Vive Organic recently announced that they are expanding their shot lineup with two new flavors, Energy + Focus and Electro Restore. These new SKUs, which also showcase the company’s latest branding, extends Vive’s wellness platform into two new use occasions.

First up is Energy + Focus. This variety is made with turmeric, ginger, blueberry juice and lemon juice and is enhanced with caffeine from green tea extract (75 mg). In addition, the product contains adaptogens in the form of lion’s mane and ashwagandha. This flavor is quite pleasing to the palate, with the bright flavor of blueberry juice being complemented nicely from the spice of the turmeric and ginger. Of the two, this tastes more like what we’d expect from a shot.

As for Electro Restore, this variety is made with apple, lemon and ginger juices with added ginseng, blue spirulina, hibernian kelp and pink sea salt. Designed as an electrolyte enhanced recovery product, this is an interesting riff on a sports drink-style flavor albeit in a much more concentrated form. The flavor has notes of sweet, citrus and spice with a slightly grassy/earthy note on the tail end before finishing with a touch of salt.

While both products taste good and provide useful functionality, we suspect that Energy + Focus will have a broader audience than the Electro Restore. Energy is a core part of the shot category and this SKU seems like it will fit in right out of the gate. 

On the packaging front, the 2 oz. shots have Vive’s new label format, which is opaque rather than see through like some of their prior SKUs. The new design -- withhe liquid is still visible from above and below the label --, gives these products some much needed visual pop. The two background colors -- orange for Energy + Focus, black for Electro Focus -- provide some nice contrast against the white Vive logo. 

Otherwise, the label and messaging are, much like any other product using a 2 oz. format, presented using small text that requires close examination to be able to read. We like that they’ve kept most of this to the side and back panels, with the front remaining quite clean and giving all of the elements room to breathe.

Overall, Energy + Focus and Electro Restore are two very worthy additions to the Vive Organic lineup. We hope that they’ll continue with this label format and adapt the other SKUs to match.

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