Review: Vive Organics Takes a Shot at Wellness

Posted: May 25, 2016 at 11:41 AM (Last Updated: May 25, 2016 at 2:05 PM)
Vive Organics Takes a Shot at Wellness

Covers Products: Digestive Balance, Immunity Boost with Cayenne, Vibrant Wellbeing

Vive Organics is a recently launched line of cold-pressed organic shots that the company calls “Wellness Shots.”

According to the Vive Organics website, these are plant-based formulations featuring ingredients that “we know to be beneficial” that have been cold-pressed and are delivered in the “closest possible form to the living plants they originated from.” While this is definitely somewhat vague and doesn’t speak exactly to the function of the product, it does keep it pretty approachable and inviting. It’s also in vogue: many commercial juice bars offer similar small-format products alongside their larger drinks.

As for their current lineup, it features three distinct flavors and wellness functions:

  • Immunity Boost: Blending turmeric, ginger, lemon, pineapple, echinacea, probiotics, and black pepper, this product is similar to other ginger or turmeric shots that are currently on the market. It’s spicy and tangy, with lingering heat from the black pepper, ginger, and turmeric. And it can definitely hold its own with other ginger/turmeric shots.

  • Vibrant Wellbeing: This product, which drinks like a miniature version of a green juice but in concentrated form, is made with wheatgrass, moringa, blue-green algae, kiwi, lime, and coconut water. It’s potent, flavorful, and, like the other two flavors, has a slight bite to the finish that makes for something that’s unique and enjoyable. However, the function of “vibrant” isn’t as tangible as the others.

  • Digestive Balance: Using coconut kefir, which has a naturally sour and tangy flavor, along with coconut water and coconut meat, this product has a layered and complex coconut flavor. It’s like a coconut smoothie with some bite to the finish. Again, we feel like the shot format is the right kind of dose for this type of product -- any more and it would be too intense.

After trying all three, we’d say that these products are more or less exactly what we’d expect from a shot: intense flavor that, at two ounces, packs a punch but still pleases the palate. They’re the kind of products that you might reach for when you’re in the mood for a cold-pressed juice, but don’t want to consume something that’s 12 or 16 ounces.

Packaging is a clean looking 2 oz. clear plastic bottle. The design is professional and attractive, which is often a challenge for these smaller format containers. However, we wish that “cold-pressed” or “cold-pressured” (aka HPP) was visible somewhere on the front panel. Even with the plethora of products in this space, it’s still something that sets Vive Organics apart.

Ultimately, it’s still hard to say what sort of opportunity exists for cold-pressed shots, but, while there’s certainly some room for Vive Organics to improve the product appearance and documentation, from a flavor and formulation perspective, this product has what it takes to be a formidable player in this nascent category.

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