Clyde May’s Introduces New Straight Bourbon and Cask Strength Whiskey

clyde_mays_straight_bourbon_whiskeyGARDEN CITY, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clyde May’s Whiskey is pleased to introduce its newest premium spirits – a non-chill filtered, 92-proof STRAIGHT BOURBON and a 117-proof, 8-year CASK STRENGTH whiskey. Clyde May was a moonshiner by trade and a craftsman by heart, and in continued celebration of his legacy to craftsmanship, these smooth-tasting new products will debut on store shelves nationwide during September — Clyde’s birthday and National Bourbon Heritage Month.

15-year, Non-Chill Filtered, 92-proof Straight Bourbon

Paying homage to Clyde May himself – a moonshine icon who made the best whiskey Alabama ever tasted – and his dedication to his craft, this non-chill filtered straight bourbon is a classic 5-year-old, easy drinking spirit. Using simple and traditional ingredients, the bourbon mash is patiently aged in heavily “alligator” charred new American oak barrels to produce exceptional flavors that feature a soft, sweet nose of brown sugar, baked apricot, wild strawberry and nutmeg. Its soft palate delivers complex aromas of barrel spice, fruit and oiled leather, while the finishes are robust, long and delicious.

Clyde May’s Straight Bourbon recently earned a Gold Medal in the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition and received a 93 rating in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge. It is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a carefully crafted cocktail.

clyde_mays_cask_strength_117_bottle8-year, Cask Strength

This 8-year old whiskey is bottled at Cask Strength to release a full nose of citrus, peach and cedar. At 117 proof, the Cask Strength delivers layers of rich spice, apple and oak on the palate, and finishes with a lingering complexity of zesty orchard fruits and white pepper. A spirit this pure is best served with just one large piece of ice to help bring out its natural flavors without watering it down.

Much like when Clyde May distilled his renowned original moonshine, he did it in small quantities, and given the level of craftsmanship involved in creating Clyde May’s Cask Strength, only 3,000 bottles of this unique spirit were produced.

“Using a lot of great care and consideration, both the Straight Bourbon and the Cask Strength Whiskey stay true to Clyde May’s heritage and his craftsmanship,” said Ron Call, Clyde May’s Whiskey Master. “I’m delighted that these two carefully-crafted spirits deliver such great character and intensity, while being exceptionally smooth and appreciated by whiskey drinkers of all calibers.”

Jay Liddell, Clyde May’s National Marketing Director, said, “These new products both reflect the same great craftsmanship and passion that made Clyde May’s the Official State Spirit of Alabama, but also represents the future and potential of this brand.”

The Straight Bourbon began national distribution in early September with a suggested retail price of $39.99, while the Cask Strength will hit shelves on October 1 and will retail for around $89.99. These two line extensions follow the brand’s first-ever line extension in October 2015 – a Special Reserve Whiskey for $59.99.

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About Clyde May’s Whiskey

Clyde May was an Alabama farmer, war hero, moonshiner by trade, but a craftsman by heart who set out to make the best whiskey Alabama ever tasted. Using copper stills, fresh Alabama spring water and the finest local grains, Clyde perfected his own unique finish – Alabama Style – by aging small batches in charred oak barrels, adding oven-dried apples to produce a hint of green apple that made his whiskey particularly smooth and set Clyde May’s Whiskey apart. Today, Clyde May’s Whiskey,, is an award-winning portfolio with four distinct product lines – 85-proof Whiskey, 110-proof Special Reserve, 92-proof Bourbon and 117-proof Cask Strength. Clyde May’s is owned by Conecuh Ridge Distillers, LLC, and was named the Official State Spirit of Alabama in 2004.