Graton Distilling Company Launches D. George Benham’s Sonoma Dry Gin

DerekBenham_Graton DistillingGRATON, Calif., March 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Graton Distilling Company (GDC) is proud to announce the introduction of D. George Benham’s Sonoma Dry gin. Located in the west Sonoma County town of Graton and independently owned by Derek George Benham, GDC is a one-of-a-kind distillery dedicated to the hands on production of craft spirits. D. George Benham’s Sonoma Dry gin combines the classic juniper character of London Dry with the bright, citrus notes of New Western style, blending the best of both worlds: bold, rich juniper artfully balanced with fresh citrus and other botanicals. In California, Young’s Market Company’s Craft Spirits division will represent D. George Benham’s Sonoma Dry gin at a suggested retail price of $40.

“Making a distinctive gin has been on my bucket list for years,” says Derek Benham. “Our unique still and approach has resulted in a package and style that is thrilling and delicious. I can’t wait to share Benham’s with discerning gin drinkers and cocktailers.”

At the heart of Graton Distilling Company is an innovative, continuous micro-column still that was custom built by Headframe Stills of Butte, Montana. Extremely versatile, the still allows for a wide range of spirits production from whiskey, bourbon and brandy to gin and vodka. For Benham’s gin, special botanical baskets allow Distiller Jeff Duckhorn to gently coax aromas and flavors from each botanical through vapor distillation. Duckhorn is able to raise and lower temperatures by tenths of a degree to control the heat and length of vapor extractions, teasing out each botanical’s flavor essence.

D. George Benham’s Sonoma Dry gin is crafted with 12 botanicals including a traditional gin base of juniper, coriander and citrus. Locally grown Meyer Lemon and Buddha’s Hand is painstakenly hand zested to showcase vibrant, fragrant citrus characteristics. Chamomile, peppermint and orris root add cool floral notes while botanicals of cardamom, grains of paradise, angelica root, star anise and galangal add a warm, spicy character. The taste is big and bold yet well-balanced, touching every part of the palate. Local Sonoma County mixologists describe Benham’s gin as “cocktail perfect” because it’s easy to enjoy neat and shines in cocktails.

“We’re honored to be the first wholesaler selected to represent Graton Distilling Company and launch D. George Benham’s Sonoma Dry Gin,” says Alessandro Bermudez, Vice President of Craft Spirits for California at Young’s Market Company. “For many years we’ve worked closely with Purple Wine + Spirits and we’re excited to partner with Derek on his new venture. Graton Distilling Company is a great addition to our craft spirit portfolio.”

Graton Distilling Company, established in 2015, is located in the tiny, west Sonoma County town of Graton, California. Independently owned by Derek Behnam and part of his dynamic Purple Wine + Spirits company, this stand-alone distillery is dedicated to producing carefully crafted spirits that reflect the artistry, flavors and vibe of its location. The centerpiece of the distillery is a one of a kind, continuous micro-still engineered to make a wide range of spirits with unparalleled versatility and precision. The distillery’s first spirit, D. George Benham’s Sonoma Dry gin, was released in February 2016 using locally grown and hand zested citrus, classic London Dry botanicals, warm spices, mint and chamomile to create a new style of gin.

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