Mingle Sparkling Mocktails Debuts New Flavors

PHILADELPHIA — Mingle Sparkling Mocktails is an uplifting mocktail brand that’s raising a glass to both healthy beverage innovation and social inclusion. Blended with real fruit juices, a touch of organic cane sugar, and natural botanicals, Mingle can be enjoyed as a delicious standalone mocktail or paired up as a premium mixer. With the highest-quality natural and organic ingredients, Mingle creates a crisp, dry, and delicious beverage with just 40 calories per 8oz serving.

Because it can be enjoyed whether or not alcohol is also served, Mingle’s Cranberry Cosmo, Moscow Mule, Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini, and Melon Mojito bring a distinctive and delightful beverage experience to the premium non-alcoholic drinks market. Presented in elegant 750ml glass re-sealable bottles, Mingle makes it easy to celebrate life’s everyday moments as well as special occasions.

“Three years ago I made the conscious decision to stop drinking alcohol,” said Founder Laura Taylor. “Nothing else in my life changed; I continued to attend business conferences, cocktail receptions, and neighborhood BBQs, but simply didn’t drink alcohol. Mingle was born when I realized there were others like me, people who choose to lose the booze, but still want to feel part of the occasion.”

To leverage this huge gap in the market, Laura Taylor has partnered with the senior team of beverage experts at BeyondBrands to co-create all aspects of the business and launch strategy.

“I have been following the emerging mocktail category the past couple years and have not seen a brand positioned quite like Mingle so far.  It really touches the consumer in an engaging and meaningful way, and Laura Taylor is one of the most passionate young beverage entrepreneurs I’ve been able to collaborate with,” said Eric Schnell, Founder of BeyondBrands.

“Mingle Sparkling Mocktails addresses the whitespace in the beverage market because there is no premium option for non-drinkers that is healthy and special,” said distribution partner Jonathan Pearson, CEO of Health Waters in PA. “Mingle Mocktails fills that gap by bringing a low-calorie, sophisticated, and flavorful beverage made with natural ingredients to people who want something special that’s alcohol-free. People call them mocktails, but I see Mingle being served any time when people want something flavorful and special to drink, but don’t want plain soda or water.”

Mingle Sparking Mocktails is currently accepting new distribution opportunities in the Northeast Region and will be exhibiting at Summer Fancy Foods Show: June 30-July 2, Javits Center, New York, NY, Booth #5823. Mingle will also be offering tastings at the BeyondBrands table during the BevNet Live Expo June 6 in New York.

About Mingle Sparkling Mocktails

Philadelphia-based Mingle Sparkling Mocktails creates an uplifting, low-calorie premium beverage experience. Mingle includes everyone in life’s celebrations, whether or not they drink alcohol. Mingle offers four lightly sparkling flavors – Cranberry Cosmo, Moscow Mule, Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini, and Melon Mojito – all handcrafted with natural and organic ingredients and served in elegant 750ml glass re-sealable bottles. With just 40 calories per 8oz serving, make anytime a time to Mingle. For more information visit minglemocktails.com, Facebook and Instagram.