Night of Aromas and Flavors Launches ‘Rums of Puerto Rico’ Campaign

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Along with members of Puerto Rican distilleries and other representatives of the rum industry on the island, the secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DEDC), Manuel A. Laboy Rivera and the executive director of Rums of Puerto Rico, Alexandra Salgado Colón, launched the Rums of Puerto Rico promotional campaign, “The Rum Standard” at the Casita de Rones de Puerto Rico in Old San Juan. The program presented the new advertising campaign and the relaunch of the website that will serve as a tool to expand the knowledge base of rum in Puerto Rico

“We are confident that with this campaign, the production, sale, and export of Puerto Rican rums will continue to grow. With this promotional effort we aim to increase the number of people in the world who know and love Puerto Rican rum. We will present it at events where we participate, in and out of Puerto Rico, and through the various networks of the Government of Puerto Rico that promote the island internationally. The commitment of our administration and Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares, is to continue supporting this industry because it is a high quality local product that has gained international recognition,” said Laboy Rivera.

On her part, the Rums of Puerto Rico executive director said “it is an honor for me to share the final product of a team effort, carried out with pride and with the satisfaction that it will contribute to the international promotion of Puerto Rican rums and, therefore, the economic development of the Island “.

Meanwhile, the DEDC Secretary stressed that this industry generates more than $300 million annually to the local economy and represents 700 direct jobs in rum distilleries.

“We are convinced that the Puerto Rican rum industry can increase its contribution to the development of our economy. We will continue to support it because it is a local product of great quality that has gained international recognition. It has enormous possibilities of growth. And we will continue working to make it so. This promotional campaign is part of that effort. And, the best thing is that the protagonists are the hard-working hands, that for decades have taken this industry to the place it now occupies,” emphasized Laboy Rivera.

The campaign consists of seven videos, five minutes each, that summarize the history and the process of making each rum. And a one-minute video that summarizes what the Rums of Puerto Rico brand is all about. The videos highlight that the rums of Puerto Rico are the best in the world, not only due to their flavor, but because their confection is in the best hands and follow processes regulated by law that guarantee the highest quality. Also, the content highlights the years of experience gained in the development of this product; the “creators of a superior spirit.” The campaign emphasizes that the Rums of Puerto Rico are the example to follow – “When it comes to rums, this is the standard rum.”