Proposition Cocktail Co Unveils Blood Orange Bitter Apéritif

Proposition Cocktail Co, the digital-first consumer brand redefining the alcohol industry for today’s health-conscious drinkers, introduces their delicious non-alcoholic Blood Orange Bitter Apéritif, the latest product in their innovative line of adaptogenic ready-to-serve non-alcoholic cocktails. Proposition’s alcohol-free Blood Orange Bitter Apéritif fills a gap for discerning apéritif lovers looking for a non-alcoholic functional alternative with all the taste. Made with organically-sourced 100% all-natural plant-based ingredients and a functional adaptogenic hemp extract, Proposition’s zero-proof apéritif ships directly to customers’ doorsteps and is currently distributed in California. Proposition’s Blood Orange Bitter Apéritif is available for pre-order today at and will ship on October 15th.

The Blood Orange Bitter Apéritif reflects a natural colorway inspired by the sunsets along the Grecian coast. Complex yet satisfying bitter notes, bright citrus, and hints of subtle herbs combine for a balanced and drinkable apéritif that aims to keep summer alive all year long.

“I created our Blood Orange Bitter Apéritif to transport drinkers beachside in the Mediterranean,” says Proposition Cocktail Co’s Founder and CEO John Korkidis. “Imagine Aperol, Campari, and blood orange juice had a love child.”

Proposition Cocktail Co launched in June 2019 as a Top Finalist at the New Beverage Showdown with its first two zero-proof adaptogenic cocktails, Smokey Margarita and Turmeric Ginger Mule – low-calorie, better-for-you alternatives to traditional cocktails, which saw impressive consumer demand. Its initial run sold out within the first month of entering limited distribution in Northern California and again after expanding into Southern California in all Erewhon locations. Founded by seasoned marketer and published herbal mixologist John Korkidis, who launched Proposition to meet the demand of today’s hurried consumers who are living increasingly stressful lives and looking for healthier ways to feel good without compromising quality or their lifestyles.

“For the first time in history, we are filling the gap in the non-alcoholic and functional beverage category by offering the world’s first line of zero-proof plant-based adaptogenic cocktails designed for everyday relaxation,” said Founder and CEO John Korkidis in a recent Forbes interview.

Proposition’s Blood Orange Bitter Apéritif is crafted using organically-sourced blood oranges, ashwagandha, bitter roots, mountain herbs, and an all-natural botanical hemp extract (15 MG) that’s lab tested for purity and potency.

Blood Orange Bitter Apéritif, and all of Proposition’s non-alcoholic adaptogenic cocktails, are meant to be enjoyed ice cold – straight up or on the rocks. And thanks to its alcohol-free ingredients, Blood Orange Bitter Apéritif is designed to be savored night or day before, during, and after the party to help you be the best version of yourself.

With a digital-first mindset, Proposition can be shipped to our customer’s home or office and can also be found in a growing number of natural and convenience channels, with on-premise locations launching in 2021. Proposition is the first competitor in the ready-to-drink non-alcoholic cocktail space to leverage a digital-first model, enabling the company to build a meaningful relationship with its customers while reinforcing its brand in traditional retail.

Right now, customers can pre-order a 6-pack case of Blood Orange Bitter Apéritif for $36 (or save up to 25% on a subscription) at, with single units available at all Erewhon locations and the Pop Up Grocer later this month.

About Proposition Cocktail Co

Proposition Cocktail Co is the world’s first line of ready-to-serve non-alcoholic adaptogenic cocktails invented for today’s health-conscious drinkers. Proposition’s immune-boosting zero-proof cocktails are made from organically-sourced 100% vegan and plant-based ingredients created for consumers who want to help cope with stressors, enhance social settings, and celebrate occasions without compromising their values. The first company of its kind, Proposition, is bypassing traditional 3rd-tier distribution and is selling directly to the drinker. Proposition Cocktail Co was founded by John Korkidis, a Silicon Valley brand and marketing veteran, and published herbal mixologist on a mission to change the way the world drinks for the better. The disruptive company is based in San Francisco, California, and is actively taking on new distribution.

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