Durham Distillery Introduces Conniption Barrel Aged Gin Series No. 1

Durham, NC – Durham Distillery proudly introduces Conniption Barrel Aged Gin Series No. 1 2020 Release, the newest member of the Conniption Gin family, joining Conniption Navy Strength gin and Conniption American Dry gin.  Conniption Barrel Aged Gin No. 1, the first in a series of aged gins to be introduced annually, will be available by February 1, 2021 while Conniption’s Navy Strength and AmericanDry gins are currently available in many states throughout the country.

The No. 1 2020 Release of Conniption Barrel Aged gin is inspired by the botanical blend in Durham Distillery’s Conniption Navy Strength gin, then complemented by 10 months of aging in bourbon barrels sourced from High West Distillery. Savory notes of juniper, rosemary and caraway are balanced by spicy cardamom, sweet fig, and lemon.

“As a distillery dedicated to the exploration and education of gin, our goal was to launch a barrel aged gin series that focuses on the pairing of botanicals with selected barrel flavors – all while leveraging our unique modern cold vacuum distillation techniques,” explained Founder and CEO Melissa Katrincic.

“The priority technique of barrel aging gin is to ensure enhancement rather than any dulling of the gin’s personality,” added Head Distiller and co-owner Lee Katrincic. “The 10 months spent in the barrel supplemented this gin’s smoothness and rounded everything out, but you still know it’s a gin. While I enjoy this neat on its own, I particularly recommend a classic Martinez or Negroni.”

Series No. 1 2020 Release, a limited-edition offering, is available for purchase on Durham Distillery’s web site for shipment to New York. Conniption Barrel Aged Gin initially launched at the end of 2020 as a North Carolina exclusive and has performed extremely well at a local level resulting in a limited supply of this delicious new product.

Conniption Barrel Aged Gin Series No. 1 2020 Release tastes great neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail.  Durham Distillery has crafted a couple of gin recipes featuring chocolate and cherry, perfect for Valentine’s Day: Cherry Kissed and Pink Martinez.

The Conniption Family of Gins and DurhamDistillery Products
As the first distillery in the United States to leverage vacuum cold distillation with rotary evaporators, Conniption gins are modern, unrivaled gins now recognized as the most awarded and among the best distilled in the country. The novel two-step process begins with a gin base from botanicals such as juniper, Indian coriander, caraway, rosemary, and cardamom via vapor nfusion in Durham Distillery’s custom-designed German pot still, lovingly named “Gertrude,” after Melissa’s grandmother. The second step focuses on vacuum (or cold) distillation of more delicate botanicals including cucumber, honeysuckle flowers and figs that are then blended into the gin base. By combining time honored gin distillation techniques and modern chemistry,Conniption gins showcase the complexity and quality of each ingredient.

Conniption Barrel Aged Gin Series No. 1 2020 Release

An exciting take on an aged gin and inspired by the botanical blend in Conniption Navy Strength gin, No. 1 2020 Release  of  Conniption  Barrel Aged  Gin  is  aged  for  10  months  in bourbon  barrels  sourced  from  High West  Distillery.

The nose is savory with notes of juniper, caraway and mulling spices.

On the pallet, savory notes of juniper, rosemary and caraway are balanced by spicy cardamom, sweet fig, and lemon before going into the barrel. The finish lingers as the luxurious fig rounds out the intensity and smooths all edges.

Bottled at 47% ALC / VOL

MSRP: $44.95 for 750mL

Conniption Barrel Aged Gin Series No. 1 2020 Release images are located here.   The Martinez cocktail recipe is available here.

Conniption Navy Strength Gin

CONNIPTION Navy Strength Gin – a traditional and storied style of gin which must be minimum of 57% alcohol – is among the core distilled spirits at Durham Distillery.Conniption Navy Strength gin starts with a botanical base of Indian coriander, cardamom, caraway, rosemary and bay leaf that are juxtaposed with the depth of juniper and sweet accents of lemon. Dried figs that have been vacuum distilled at room temperature, and without heat, are then blended into the gin thereby rounding out the intensity resulting in a deliciously bright and aromatic gin.

Nose is spicy, savory and bold. Juniper’s piney-ness is at the front with a sweet hint of lemon and savory notes of caraway and rosemary.

On the pallet, juniper is big yet held in check with warming notes of rye bread, rosemary and bay leaf. The mid pallet is complex from a combination of spice and sweet with Indian coriander, cardamom and bright lemon. The finish lingers as the luxurious fig rounds out the intensity and smooths all edges.

CONNIPTION Navy Strength Gin was honored as the Best American Navy Strength Gin by the prestigious World Gin Awards two consecutive years, 2020 & 2019.

Bottled at 57% ALC / VOL

MSRP: $39.95 for 750mL

Conniption American Dry Gin

Conniption American Dry Gin is triggered by a novel two-step process that gives botanicals, like Indian coriander, angelica root, and cardamom, a sophisticated footing with juniper. Fresh and floral notes of cucumber and dried honeysuckle flowers are individually vacuum distilled at room temperature, without heat, and then blended into the gin base. It’s a refreshingly modern gin that is supremely smooth, clean and complex.

Nose is of fresh piney juniper, cilantro, grass, and orange with a hint of honeysuckle and cucumber.

On the pallet, juniper is in trio with the Indian coriander and spicy cardamom for the unmistakable gin base. Quickly softened by fresh cucumber, sweet orange and notes of dry curry from the cut and shredded angelica root. The lingering finish highlights the gin’s approachability and balance.

Bottled at 44% ALC / VOL

MSRP: $29.95 for 750mL

Additionally, Durham Distillery brought the first premium canned cocktails to North Carolina, Conniption Gin & Tonic and Cucumber Vodka & Soda (both 8% ALC/VOL, 355 ML cans) Conniption Gin Rose Spritz (11% ALC/VOL, 355 ML cans) all of which retail for $15 for a 4-pack. DAMN FINE liqueurs are available in coffee, mocha and chocolate flavors and are gluten-free, with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Each 375 ML bottle (16-17% ALC/VOL) retails for $19.95 (available in NC only).

CONNIPTION gins are among the most awarded gins distilled in the US today. Since launching in 2015, Durham Distillery has earned more than 50 national and international awards and in 2020, The World Gin Awards announced Durham Distillery’s CONNIPTION Navy Strength Gin won the “Best” in the United States in the Navy Strength Gin category – for the second consecutive year, and CONNIPTION American Dry Gin earned a Gold Medal in the Contemporary Gin category. In 2018, USA TODAY’s “10 Best” named Durham Distillery the #1 Craft Gin Distillery in the U.S, and in 2017, CONNIPTION Navy Strength Gin earned a DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Durham Distillery also earned the Innovation in Business Award from the Triangle Business Journal for its canned cocktails.  Durham Distillery is the leader in the South’s Gin renaissance, and Melissa Katrincic is recognized as one of the prominent female distillery owners in the U.S.

About Durham Distillery

Founded in 2013 and opened in 2015 by Melissa and Lee Katrincic, Durham Distillery is a craft gin, vodka and liqueur distillery located in Durham, North Carolina, a diverse and progressive city whose revitalization is deemed by many to be the heart of the New South. The company produces premium gins leveraging a differentiated two-step process combining time-honored gin making traditions with techniques borrowed from modern chemistry to create spirits that are both classic and contemporary. The full product line offers CONNIPTION Navy Strength Gin and CONNIPTION American Dry Gin, DAMN FINE Liqueurs (Chocolate, Mocha and Coffee), Cucumber Vodka, and CONNIPTION Canned Cocktails (Gin & Tonic, Rose Spritz, Cucumber Vodka & Soda).

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