Limited-Run Deanbury Vodka Launches In California

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Deanbury, a locally-distilled super premium vodka, launched in California. Founded in Los Angeles, the brand arrives as premiumization continues to rise in the alcohol industry with consumers seeking unique new offerings. Deanbury aims to offer a millennial-focused experience.

“We’re vodka superfans and were on the lookout for something super premium but crafted locally here in California. It didn’t exist so decided to distil our own in small batches” the brand said.

Deanbury positions itself at the super premium end of the category. Distilled twenty times, carbon filtered, and made with American grain which results in a “distinct smoothness that you can enjoy on the rocks or in a classic cocktail”. The brand distills in limited runs and announces new availability through its social media platforms.

Its bottle was designed by Christian Bjurinder and utilizes a bold orange font that wraps around each bottle. Crafted to stand tall on bar carts and shake-up traditional vodka packaging.

To launch, the brand sought a direct-to-consumer strategy. “We wanted to be where our consumers are so partnering with Reserve Bar was a great way to get our product out there and help us focus on building our business brand-first”.

Deanbury is also now partnering with retailers as it expands in-store and on-premises.

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