Old Elk Flexes Innovation Muscle with Sour Mash Reserve Release

Fort Collins, CO – It’s no secret Old Elk Distillery is making waves in the industry. Now Old Elk is jumping into 2021 with a splash, launching the first lot of their limited release small-batch Sour Mash Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Flexing their innovation muscle, this release is an extension of their core line-up, showcasing the award-winning mash bill that you know and love, but this time focusing on thirty-barrel batches to create the Sour Mash Reserve line.

Old Elk’s Sour Mash Reserve is a nod to the brand’s start-up roots. Inspired to craft remarkably smooth and innovative whiskies that transcend tradition, Old Elk approached industry veteran, Greg Metze, to create a custom mash bill. The outcome was a unique high-malted barley content bourbon (51% corn, 34% malted barley, 15% rye) that swept the nation and quickly won over the hearts and minds of Old Elk’s consumers. What many did not know was that Old Elk laid down barrels with variations of this same mash bill, for future releases, such as the Sour Mash Reserve.

“As distillers, we know the magic is in the fermentation. The beauty of this expression is the contrast in the flavor profile resulting from a change in yeast strain as well as the geographic location of the distillery. It is not well known, but it’s virtually impossible to replicate fermentation from one geographic location to another due to indigenous flora and fauna,” says Kate Douglas, Head Distiller at Old Elk Distillery. “Our distillers worked together to create a small-batch product extension that upholds the same standard our other award-winning whiskeys achieved. We promise the Old Elk herd that this product is an extension of our innovative whiskeys with all the world-class quality aspects.”

This is the newest in a line of exceptional whiskies that already have Old Elk’s herd preparing to create a stampede while hunting for bottles of the Sour Mash Reserve. “When we first decided to create Old Elk with our signature custom high-malt mash bill, we wanted to do something special, and as Kate says, ‘The magic is in the fermentation.’ We’re constantly exploring new expressions and knew that this is something extraordinary that will cause a stir among the whiskey community, especially those looking for variations in a small batch product. Each batch release contains only thirty barrels at a time, and the taste profile will vary slightly from batch to batch, making it exciting to search for each new release,” states Old Elk’s CEO, Luis Gonzalez.

Old Elk is on the frontlines of education and transparency, and the Sour Mash Reserve is no different. The sour mash technique promotes ideal conditions for yeast to showcase its best flavor contributions. It is not new to the industry and many brands use this technique, but Old Elk is not afraid to do things with a twist by redefining what sour mash means to them. The Sour Mash Reserve is a lot-oriented expression using the familiar technique of sour mash, with an exceptional strain of yeast to create a liquid and flavor profile that will vary with each batch release. The first batch of Old Elk’s Sour Mash Reserve was distilled in New York, utilizing a proprietary yeast blend, lending to that differentiating flavor. The result captures the foundation of Old Elk’s custom high-malt bourbon, plus bright and floral notes.

The Sour Mash Reserve will be distributed by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits and will be a limited release with approximately 5,040 bottles in the first batch, available at select retailers in the U.S. with a suggested retail price of $89.99 per 750 ml bottle. For more information and to locate a bottle visit www.Oldelk.com


At Old Elk Distillery, in Fort Collins, Colorado, craft is everything. Founded by serial entrepreneur, Curt Richardson, the innovator who created OtterBox and Blue Ocean Enterprises, Old Elk Distillery creates their own process for spirits. To them, excellence does not come from riding trends but comes from experience and patience instead. Look at their Master Distiller, Greg Metze. With over four decades of experience in producing world-class whiskies, Metze worked with the team to create Old Elk’s signature Slow Cut proofing process. Aside from their signature bourbon, they put the same amount of passion and enthusiasm into the other products in their portfolio: Dry Town Gin is soaked for 18 hours and then vapor extracted. Nooku Bourbon Cream uses real dairy. PB&W: Peanut Butter Flavored Whiskey is made with real peanut extract. Old Elk Distillery’s distinctive portfolio speaks for itself; it is where craft meets quality.

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